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Buddhist In For Shock After Buying Nirvana CD

Monk shocked at Nirvana Album

A Buddhist is reportedly in for a big shock after buying a Nirvana album in a second-hand music shop earlier today.

According to shoppers, the Buddhist “totally lost his shit” after finding the album in a stack of CDs labelled £3 each.

“The guy was so excited by the CD he found,” explained eyewitness Pete Brown. “I couldn’t see what it was but he was a skinhead so it was probably some sort of metal or punk or something like that. He’s probably been looking for that album for ages, all the ones in that pile were old and weird so there probably quite hard to find.”

Buddhist Martin Thompson believes that he has found a rare treat and claims to be “very excited” about getting home and listening to it.

“I’ve never heard of this particular CD but, judging by the name of it, Nevermind, I’d imagine it’s a CD about forgiveness or something along those lines,” claimed Mr Thompson. “I love the idea of nevermind, it’s such a good state of mind to have about everything, depending on how I get on when I get home and listen to this I may even make it my mantra and try to live my life using nevermind as my spiritual guide.”

“Whatever it is, I’m sure it will help with my mindfulness and be an excellent source of inspiration through my meditation.”

Shop assistant Matt Hunter claimed Mr Thompson, must be “the most gullible bloke on Earth” after buying the CD.

“I can’t believe that absolute div bought that CD,” joked Hunter. “He came up to me and he was like ‘excuse me is this a Buddhist CD?’, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the fucking thing has a naked kid swimming after a dollar in a swimming pool on the front of it and he asked me if it was Buddhist, what a tool! I just told him it was for a laugh, I’d love to be there to see his face when he puts it on.”

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