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Craig David Explains The Truth Behind The Lyric “Craig David All Over Your Boink”

Craig David Explains The Truth Behind The Lyric “Craig David All Over Your Boink”

Britain’s favourite peregrine falcon trainer, Craig David, has finally revealed the truth behind the lyric “Craig David all over you’re boink” during an exclusive chat with Wunderground.

Fresh from another successful season of pool parties in Ibiza Rocks, the singer also highlighted plans for the coming year and beyond.

“2017 has been a really great year for this silly little sausage from Southampton,” he said with a beaming smile. “It’s just been a right blast from the get go. Honestly, I’ve had some of the best parties you could ever imagine and, fucking hell, the breakfasts the next day, out of this world. Sausages, rashers, eggs, beans, tomatoes, pudding and all the tea and toast you could ever wish for. Honestly, at the moment, there’s absolutely nothing I’d change about my life.”

“I’ve made a lot of money too and I’m planning on a couple of new ventures next year,” revealed the singer. “First of all, I’m starting my own brunch morning, Bacon and Beats. It’s actually more breakfast than brunch but brunch just sounds a bit better. It’s basically just some lad playing tunes and endless rashers and prosecco.”

“Then, I’m also thinking about organising a festival,” continued David. “I haven’t come up with a name yet, but it’s basically going to be a celebration of all things breakfast and all things break-beat. I’ll have the Artful Dodger covering the music and Seth Troxler in smoking some meat.”

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“In case you haven’t noticed, I have a fairly healthy obsession with breakfast and, more specifically, pork products,” he revealed. “I’ve taken inspiration from them my whole career, 7 Days was actually written about a pack of maple cured bacon that I bought on a Monday and ate on Wednesday and the lyric ‘Craig David all over you boink’ was originally supposed to be ‘Craig David all over you’re bacon’ because if I see someone with bacon, I’m just all over it, it just didn’t sound right so added the ‘boink’ at the last minute.”

Other Craig David tracks that were inspired by processed pork include; Thief in the Night, written about the time an ex-flat mate stole a pack of hot dogs from the fridge after a night out, Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance), inspired by a plate of pulled pork he ate in 2006 and the entire Slicker Than Your Average album, originally titled Thicker Than Your Average, written about an extra thick batch of gammon steaks he bought in Morrisons.

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