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Disney Buy The Rights To Trance

Disney Buys the rights to Trance

According to a Hollywood insider, Disney has bought the rights to the electronic music genre trance.

Sources within the corporation have confirmed that they have made a “major purchase” in recent days and are planning a “new musical venture” in the coming months.

Wunderground spoke to Dutch trance stalwart Armin van Buuren earlier, “It’s very exciting times for trance,” he told us. “For years it’s seemed like the genre was just about to make a comeback, you could feel it bubbling away just under the surface, a bit like chlamydia, but, for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened yet. If the rumours about Disney are true, that could all be about to change.”

“I really feel that the entire genre needs a bit of a makeover if it’s to truly make it back into the mainstream and I think Disney could really help to deliver the complete overhaul it needs,” continued van Buuren who was once known as the Godfather of Trance but is now considered to be the Great Uncle Four Times Removed of Trance. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against rough looking thirty-something-year-old men, but, if we want to get Trance back to its former glory, we’re going to need to appeal to a wider audience.”

“That’s where Disney can really help us,” continued the DJ. “Right now, EDM is totally wrapping up all of the young American audience. Now, these guys might not know much about music, or anything else for that matter, but they are pretty pleasing to the eye. If the rumours about Disney are true, that entire audience will be exposed to trance and, within a couple of years, we should see a younger and better-looking crowd attending trance parties.”

Charlie Burton, a rare trance fan under the age of thirty, also spoke to Wunderground, “To be honest with you, I’m not too sure about this whole Disney thing,” he said cautiously. “If they do a Star Wars on it, it’ll be alright but they better not pull any of this PG bullshit, I’m not going raving unless there’s speed and vodka involved.”

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