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DJ Logo Now More Important Than Talent

DJ Logo Now More Important Than Talent

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Breaking news from the North American DJ Association, or NADA, suggests that a good DJ logo is now far more important than having actual talent.

The news comes as little surprise as logos have become commonplace on posters and line-ups in recent years, with many promoters now looking to logos instead of promo mixes when attempting to unearth new local talent.

“The days of letting your music do the talking are long gone,” claimed NADA talent scout Sal Cash. “As too are the days of simply having a good name, kids these days just don’t relate to DJs who can’t be bothered to have a logo designed or, at the very least, use some random word written in a fancy font as their name, it’s just so boring.”

“Do you think Avicii chose his name because it has some special meaning to him or because he has an extensive knowledge of the Buddhist religion and knows that Avīci is the lowest level hell according to its scriptures?” questioned Mr. Cash. “Of course not, he chose it because it looks good on a poster, the fact that his music is also one of the lowest levels of hell is a mere coincidence.”

“You can have all the production and mixing skills in the world but if your name is something like Peter Gill and you’ve got no logo you’re never going to make it,” continued the talent scout. “When I’m looking for new up and coming DJs do you really think I look for someone who can read a crowd and mix great music? No chance, I look for someone who is easily marketable and the things that really help that are being a white male and having a catchy name and a flashy logo.”

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“That’s just the way the industry is going, honestly, in the not too distant future I don’t even think there’ll be DJs playing at events,” he predicted. “We’ll just have giant LED screens with beautifully designed logos flashing on them while pre-recorded mixes are played over the sound system. It may seem a little bit far fetched but it’s not not too far from what’s actually already happening.”

According to experts, the music industry in now in danger of being overrun by ghost logos, with callous graphic designers, also known as EDM DJs, being booked to play at events all over the world after knocking up cheap and simple logos.

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