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DJ Who Claims He’s Not In It For The Money Confirmed As Compulsive Liar

DJ Who Claims He’s Not In It For The Money Confirmed As Compulsive Liar

An English DJ who claimed that he’s “not in it for the money” has been confirmed as a compulsive liar.

Robert Wellthorn, a.k.a. DJ Well T, claims to be one of Scunthorp’s rising house music stars but insists that he is “only in the game to share beautiful music” and not to become “famous and wealthy”.

Wunderground spoke to Mr Wellthorn earlier, “What can I say? I’m just a genuinely nice bloke who’s only trying spread a bit of happiness to people through the medium of music. People are always telling me that I’m super talented and deserve to be a millionaire by now but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about spreading love and positive vibes, if a little bit of financial gain happens to come with that, then so be it but that’s honestly not what it’s about for me.”

“It’s like I don’t go around banging groupies, which I totally have by the way,” he continued in a rather unconvincing and slightly stomach churning manner. “have complete respect for women and don’t objectify them at all. I’d never use my position as a DJ to convince a woman to give me a blowjob, even the thought of it is disgusting.”

Local promoter, and qualified clinical psychologist, Jenson Melfi has confirmed that Mr Welthorn’s claims are completely fabricated and labeled the DJ as a “total bullshit artist”.

“First off, DJ Well T isn’t one of Scunthorpe’s rising stars, the cunt’s been doing the rounds on the local circuit for about twenty years and as far as I can tell he’s only had about six gigs in that time,” scoffed Melfi, who runs Prognosis, Scunthorpe’s eighth most popular deep house club night. “And he play’s EDM not house. Honestly I think everything that comes out of that fella’s mouth is a lie.”

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“Also, I know for a fact that the fucker’s a money grabbing little cunt because one of the those six gigs was for me. We agreed on a fee one seventy five pound and six free drinks,” ranted the qualified psychologist, “but Well T brought a six pack of Stella and tried to add the cost of the drinks onto his fee. Obviously we said no, then we caught the prick going through pockets in the cloakroom. If there’s ever been anyone who’s just in it for the money it’s that lad.”

According to sources close to Me Wellthorn, The DJ is considering relaunching himself as a progressive house DJ called Pino Chio to appeal to a “wider EDM audience” because “there’s a real lack of PLUR in the underground scene these days”.

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