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DJs Now Deliberately Making Mistakes To Prove They Are Real DJs

DJs Now Deliberately Making Mistakes To Prove They Are Real DJs

DJs all over the world are now deliberately making mistakes during their mixes to prove to fans and critics that they are in fact real DJs.

The latest craze, known as miss-mixing, is proving very popular amongst digital DJs as a way of highlighting that they are actually manually mixing tracks rather than using the sync button.

Michael Briscoe, also know as DJ Whopper, spoke about miss-mixing with Wunderground, “Flawless mixing is now a thing of the past, especially for any up and coming digital DJs. You just can’t afford to mix without mistakes these days or you’ll be labelled as a ‘sync button DJ.'”

“I learned how to mix on vinyl years ago so naturally I’m pretty tight when it comes to matching beats,” continued the resident DJ. “I swapped to digital format a couple of years ago because it’s convenient, now I spend more time practicing making mistakes than I do practicing actual mixing.”

“I like to drop in on the second or third beat, leave it play for a couple of bars and then quickly correct myself,” explained Mr. Briscoe. “It’s subtle yet affective, I call it The Perplexer. People who don’t know what they’re listening to won’t even notice it while other DJs will be thinking ‘that’s a great mistake, who is this DJ Whopper lad anyway?’ d’ya know what I mean?”

While miss-mixing is becoming increasingly popular with the next generation of DJs it is not a new technique, with veteran DJs such as Ricardo Villalobos, despite being a vinyl DJ, practicing it since the late 90’s.

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“I’ve been miss-mixing for years now,” revealed Villalobos recently. “Usually as a result of forgetting where I am or what I was doing because I’ve taken too much of something but I’ve also done it intentionally once or twice.”

“I like to hear DJs making the occasional mistake,” continued the Chilean-German DJ, “it helps to remind you that the guy up there DJing is just a human too, which is very important at my shows because the audience often mistakes me for some sort of techno robot, fueled by a passion for good tunes and a cocktail of every drug know to man.”

Reports that EDM superstars Hardwell and Nicky Romero have started miss-mixing have been proved false after a source close to both Dutch DJs revealed that “they weren’t intentionally fucking up at all” and the mistakes in their sets were a “result of them both being shit” and “not having a fucking clue what they’re doing”.

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  • That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard in my life… I work very hard so my mixes are FLAWLESS…. If someone thinks that I hit the syn button they can %$%$%$ them self’s..

      • I can beatmatch with my eyes shut, but I don’t mind using the sync button at all. You know what? It’s called progress. I would rather spend time choosing the right tune for the moment than forcing myself to beat match because I’m an arrogant tosser.

      • Its not funny satire. I’m pretty sarcastic and this is snobby DJ humor, if it is indeed supposed to be a joke.

        • Humor is subjective. What is not funny to you may be funny to someone else. This is the internet where there are differing opinions and viewpoints. Welcome and enjoy your stay.

          • I understand that, but how is someone who is unfamiliar with wunderground supposed to know that? One DJ calling out other hack DJs is a little bit of a stretch, when it comes to humor. Nobody cares except snobby raver kids who clique up and snipe back and forth over petty things. The scene used to be about just having a good time, partying it up and acting a fool. At least have some comedic ability, if you’re going to try and be funny. Kind of like a rapper with no skills making a battle song against someone. I have some news: whomever this Villalobos guy is will not rule the underground. Lol I’ve heard that so many times. No love. Just a bunch of brats trying to be king of the rats. Thanks though and I wish you the best as well.

          • Well said that man. I have been DJ’ing for over a decade; the humour on this site is directly relevant to the current state of the dance music industry, Villalobos (among others) does rule the underground, if you don’t get that Wunderground is a pisstake then we’re sorry you were born an American!

          • Opinion mate… learn what it means. i’ve been a producer for over 10 years now and found this very funny….. due to how ridiculous it is…. i’m nowere near a “Snobby raver kid” that is just your opinion… see that magic word again…. Opinion 🙂

            And ricardo villalobos is a very famous minimal tech dj…….

          • It’s so funny how every scene has these people. On dead tour people bitch about others having not seen Jerry, with indie bands it’s people saying “I remember when they weren’t even popular”, and in the Electronic scene it’s people like this joker saying “I remember when it was all about having a good time”. You think that’s not how it still is? Tell me, good sir, why people attend if it’s not fun? And if you’re so upset with the scene, why not leave it alone? Why comment on stories like this with insulting comments? Are you a professional journalist? Do you like hating on other people’s hard work? This story is hilarious and if you don’t get that I’d go look up asburgers. 🙂

          • Wowser. I clicked through to here from Facebook, never heard of the site before, but you don’t have to be a genius to work out this is satire. It’s in the words. And the tone. Relax, guy.

      • I have even more of a chuckle at the knuckleheads that think this shit is serious. LMAO 😀

    • Who gives a fuck even if you do press the sync button. If someone can mix without it, using it doesn’t mean shit other than speeding up the process. “real vs fake” dj is the biggest joke of an argument ever since most of the djs who actually get involved in that are only heart broken they aren’t a rare breed anymore. AKA Butthurt.

      • Sync-button = Millie Vannilli. You are Millie Vanilli. If you can’t jockey a disc you are not a disc jockey. See, it’s in the name. Words matter. Millie Vanilli

  • I play real music with real instruments. If I wanted to hear some English prick play with a computer, I’d go to the dormitories at Cambridge.

    • “real music with real instruments” btw about all those bands who play “Real instruments” you ever wondered what the studio process is for “STUDIO ALBUMS” oh wait its those guys with computers recording everything the band does and filtering the shit out of it so it actually sounds alright instead of a pile of mess like most live acts do….

      • And there I was inadvertently only getting high at the studio! I knew there was something else I was supposed to do there!

  • The same trend is happening in journalism apparently… it’s called miss-proofreading. Editors are letting errors slip through so that audiences don’t think that their stories are being written by internet robots.

  • In my opinion Syncing is not dj-ng – syncing is just setting two or more tracks at the same speed 🙂 Real DJ is a person, who makes does his job well, selects good tracks and makes “wow-factor” in mixing songs together 😉

  • If you are professional DJ, you can sync manually two tracks with 2-10 seconds (some tracks are harder to sync). But you can also read numeric bpm from palyer or use players sync button – it saves time and DJ can make better and cool mixes.

  • I guess that comes from label promoters from the most top acts that don’t give shit about music anymore only about money and every time you see them wasted playing and can’t mix, so they make it modern now uh? This might go OK for a party where everyone is drunk. But imagine someone tripping on LSD for example, does he likes your mistakes? I think even the DJ shouldn’t care about what the people think about him… Because it’s not about HIM, its about the music! And people who go to a party really for the music, don’t really care how the dj is mixing as long as it sounds good like a whole trip… Even if people talking shit, its because there is still a lot of shit to clean from their body, mind and spirit, which is normal as we are living in shit matrix…

    And about sync button… Holy shit its 2014 technologies are growing as fast as possible so use the fucking button and don’t waste your time in a silly beat match that we all know how to do manually AND don’t forget we do it on headphones, so people don’t really care what are you doing in this moment, thats only in the heads of some old djs who are in love in their CDs (old technology that it’s not even very durable) and thats the only thing they can do… For who the fuck are you proving your skills? Your EGO? Do you think the people who are listening you care how you beat mach the tracks you play, while listening and wasting your time on your headphones? USE THIS TIME TO MAKE SOME MORE INTERESTING STUFF! Like using more often some effects! This is what the people will really hear, not the shit thats in your headphones and your head…

    (Sorry for bad English, but you get the point)


    • I really hope you were responding to satire with satire. Otherwise this reply is ludicrous. Sync button mixing being justified by “having more time for effects” is like a singer lip syncing a vocal track of himself so he can effect out his vocals.

      • I didn’t understand the whole post, but… Whatever man… I guess it’s different point of view that comes from the type of music we play… Different kind of technics we use, etc, etc… For example i play usually forest psychedelic trance and usually i am trying to make a flawless story for the listener, sometimes the music is even too tripy do dance to it or too deep and hypnotic… Meditating might be a better option in this case 😀 ! So in the magic that its created at the same time i really have to be with the flow of the trip of the people all the time so i am always listening to the monitors and not a different track of my headphones to disturb myself with the flow… Imagine i do a mistake while someone on acid has totaly opened his mind… I really think that in such a moment better to play safe for a whole story, rather then trying to be a hero in some difficult moments… I played Techno, Full On, Progressive before and still sometimes and i can tell you it’s much easier to mix with the well known formulas, hehe 😉 …It’s a whole different story with some twisted multilayerd psychedelic trance…. It’s not about only sync the bass and the kick you know…

        Imho some people use a car to be more easier, more comfortable and faster to go to the festival… And others taking the train just because they are used to and it’s old school hardcore, but losing more time at the same moment… Still you have the choice… And you might not be in a hurry, so all good… But really… If something is invited for a better set, why not using it i don’t get it?! We are used to play from CDJs have this nice CUE button and then press with our feelings the PLAY button, but you can’t do that with the same feeling with a mouse from a notebook if you don’t have a controller for that… For example i don’t have a controller, because i invested in Echo Audio 2 USB sound card & A&H Xone 92 mixer and at least i am sure for top quality sound, because i really don’t want to buy a cheep shitty native instrument product that sounds bad, so i am working with what i got and trying to the best of it and for now it works great (still i wish i could map my mixer to software 😀 )

        At end i want to ask again… WHO CARES HOW YOU MIX AS LONG AS THE MIX SOUNDS GOOD?!

        • agree too… hahaha… in my country we play techno with the bpm from 180 – 190 max… not enuf time for manual beat matching and searching for songs selection…. we just memorize the percentage bpm and hit play….. lol and sorry for the bad english…..

    • do you play guitar hero and think you play the guitar now?? its the same thing with the sync button.. if you dont even have the talent to mix two records together then you should not be playing in front of other people

  • this website simply isn’t funny, i know its supposed to be satirical which is all good but it simply isn’t funny

  • using the sync button is better than ever b4…. its on nearly every program, controllers and now even decks… you’ll see them on turn tables soon

  • been djing for 30yrs now started on turntables, moved to cdj’s 1996 and now use a digital controller. Hmm my opinion on sync buttons? They’re rubbish I used mine once to see what kind of effect it had, bullshit will never use it again unless I go deaf same goes for B.P.M counters not accurate at all. I use the same tools I use when spinning vinyl, my ears and hands, they’ve served me very well over the years and still do. Funny to see so many people uptight over this article. If you want to use “The Perplexer ” technique go for it lol.

    • That’s probably because your beat markers were not properly set. If you set them up before hand and use a sync button, with quantization turned on, you will get a properly mixed transition. Personally I like to use the sync button to get the song tempos to match up perfectly, then drop the mix live by hand, and tweak the timing on my own. That allows for much more diversity, especially when mixing in odd time signatures, like Latin beats, or many other International styles.

  • This is ridiculous! Do DJs think the crowd want to hear mistakes! Surely, what the crowd want is a good night and music which flows seamlessly surely is part of making that good night! It’s time we all got over the sync button issue, it’s here to stay!

  • yeah you work hard to make the perfect mix and then you have to make a mistake to prove you live?such a bollock guys!!

  • The Sync button is IMHO a wonderful tool to utilize, to save a little time. Time you can spend on browsing your next tracks, or tweaking effects. Like I mentioned below, I use it to properly line up my tempos, then do my actual drop and tweaks by hand.

    When the Sync button is used as a crutch by DJ’s (like it is always turned on), then it becomes problematic. And for the love of god if you are going to use it, make sure your beat markers are also properly set up, or your mix will sound like hot buttered shit.

    Want to know what the biggest problem I see with fellow DJ’s is? A complete lack of understanding of EQ, and proper mixing. I swear the next DJ I see turn everything up as high as possible in a futile attempt to sound “louder” or “deeper” is going to get a boot to the head. Leave my board alone you deaf Neanderthal. I already have the EQ set perfectly. LOL

  • The #LAMEST and I do mean Lamest BULLSHIT I have ever read. I’m fucking DONE man! I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

  • back when I started 2 turntables and a mixerand yes it is hands-now days multi channel sound card stil Il mIx in analog domain just like in the turntables days don’t be over dependent on your software such as the sync button a real master is a hands on type of DJand yes it’s okay to make an occasional mistake and ocasionally use the Sync remember DJing is supposed to be fun never take it too seriously keep rockin world!!

  • Either way DJing started with requiring some serious skills to achieve beat matching due to the limited technology, I remember my first technics nearly 25 years ago and starting with vinyl, it was for sure a talent to be able to master it… but thats all you had. Nowadays technology has advanced so much making that element less relevant, but one still has to know their music and how to work a dance floor and understand the use of keys to build a set and also adding effects and loops etc… All in all a DJ plays music to a crowd and if they like it he/she is successful, putting aside all the skills required. As a DJ/Producer i personally don’t even care if someone is using the synch button, for sure it takes less talent but if their music selection is excellent and they know how to build a dance floor then should we care so much. For sure if I am at the DMCs i want to see some serious skills, and for sure I would prefer to see the raw DJ talent used as well by all DJs, but not a big deal. Just my opinion.

  • the whole “sync’ discussion is a load of sentimental crap. Back in the days when it was all vinyl, yeah, pitched manualy…..u know why? Because I f*#cking had to! Not because that is what djing about…..loads of people can pitch or beatmatch tracks and are still bad DJ’s! Since the technology improved and you can now skip that part, why should you do it? People who are upset about “sync” should all throw away their smartphones away, should not drive mechanically etc etc

    Let’s just enjoy the fact people can now focus more on what they are doing, mixing tracks!

    • They are not mixing tracks. That’s the point.

      Sync-button = Millie Vannilli. You are Millie Vanilli. If you can’t jockey a disc you are not a disc jockey. See, it’s in the name. Words matter. Millie Vanilli

      • Millie Vanilli? Really? Thats something completely different! I am not talking about pre-mixing a set here. I’m talking about the pitch/beatmatch thing….If I have to believe you, Richie Hawtis is the same as Millie Vanillie cause he uses the sync button (nowadays)…..even he has done it without for like 20 years?

        Plus….I said in the comment that I CAN do it…..but I don’t HAVE TO anymore! I agree on the point that you should be able to do it, but beatmatching is NOT what makes a great DJ!

        • To DJ is to jockey discs. Words matter. Call yourself something different. If you played a guitar would you call it DJ’ing? No, you wouldn’t.

  • I know nothing about DJing and yet I knew this was satire. The irony though? Miss-mixing is actually a good idea. If you can interrupt the rhythm in a clever way that makes me reevaluate the beat then you are a freaking genius (and no, I don’t mean like a megamix where nothing actually matters) ! This is akin to chord dissonance.

    Secondly intentional mistakes are a part of art. Take for example Michelangelo’s Moses or David!

  • What a load of bollocks. DJ s up their own arse about ‘real mixing’ the only thing any one should care about is the tunes. If the tunes are spot on and the mix is ‘sync button’ perfect so what? Technology is there to take things forward. Just cos one DJ may lack this skill-set does not mean he/she has no validity. Maybe they bring other skills to the party. Maybe showcasing their own tunes… and what? They should be excluded cos they can’t manually beat match? Keep your 20th century skills. I’m in the 21st century and if ‘my’ DJ is playing banging tunes for me I don’t give a toss how he’s doing it, but if some elitist knob is train-wrecking and killing my vibe just to prove he’s fully subcribed to his past century skills… take me to the ‘sync button room’….. fucking knobs

      • If you read it I initially said he/she but I’m not gonna write that every time am I? It’s not like it’s a fucking contract I’m writing. Just a comment. Perhaps I should have said the male female straight gay bisexual cross-dressing androgenous black white yellow brown green able disabled DJ; so pernickety sactimonius twats, such as yourself, don’t pick holes in the language I use for brevity, but rather comment on my actual point. I hope you checked my spelling and punctuation too you sad little sack.

        • Wow keep your hair on there Earley!! No one wants to hear your life story! This article is obviously a joke! Just like me saying you’ve got 20th century sexist ideologies was a joke. Try not taking everything so serious lad! And just for the record just DJ would have sufficed that long winded description would have just made you look like a bit of a dick.

    • Lol… no.

      These guys are getting paid a fair chunk of change and the costs of shows and fests continue to rise. The least they can do is play an honest set.

  • To all the vinyl/beat matching purists on here. If you would rather challenge yourself with technique, as opposed to just concentrating on mixing the right songs for the moment by any means, sync button or no. Then clearly you’re not doing it right unless you do it this way:

  • Maybe they should mix vinyl to really prove it. Even if the are mixing off beat they are still telling a computer to do it! Try mixing with manual pitch no digital read out and actually having to balance needle, and manipulate platter with fingers.

  • so DJ’s are now doing what i was doing back in the 90’s? mixing tunes ‘ off beat’ to juggle the tunes to make weird pattens. wow. so innovative!

  • You can’t do this to stupid people. This isn’t the Onion. Even their articles get taken seriously ALL THE TIME.

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