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DJs With Women Dancing Behind Them Look 48% More ‘Fuckable’ – Study Claims

DJs With Women Dancing Behind Them Look 48% More ‘Fuckable’ – Study Claims

A recent study by Cosmopolitan magazine examining the attractiveness of male performers reported that women found DJs 48% more attractive when there were women dancing behind them in the booth.

“We showed women some videos of DJs with women dancing behind them during their sets and videos of the same DJs without women dancing behind them and what we found was that on average the women found the DJs with women dancing approximately 48% more attractive than those without.”

The report found that even relatively ugly DJs like Skrillex and Robert Babicz can improve their attractiveness by recruiting women to dance behind them. “It’s a psychological and evolutionary trait that we find people more attractive if we believe that they are attractive to other members of our sex. So when DJs have beautiful women dancing behind them we naturally think – ‘hmmm, I wonder what his erect dick looks like?'”

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Conversely the study indicated that women believe that DJs who have other men dancing in the booth behind them are “probably sex offenders” and “look like they collect stamps and smell of cabbage.”

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