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Pre Recorded Sets – Celebrity DJs – What’s Going On In Amnesia?

Pre Recorded Sets – Celebrity DJs – What’s Going On In Amnesia?

As if giving Paris Hilton a residency in one of the world’s biggest and best known clubs isn’t bad enough, Amnesia have gone and dragged their reputation through the dirt even more with the announcement of their new club night, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

The latest addition to the once strong line up, which starts in the first week of August, will be headlined by resident DJ Burial, who was revealed as Edward Snowden in a Wunderground exclusive earlier this month. The whistle blower will be joined by a celebrity tinker, a fashion designer and a soldier on stage every week in what will surely be one of the most bizarre line ups ever to have graced the stage in Amnesia.

We caught up with a spokesperson for the superclub, ‘We are really excited about this night. As soon as we heard about Edward Snowden being Burial we wanted to get him on board for our summer schedule. We had been trying to think of a suitable night to have him play and in the end we decided to give him his own night. We’re really pushing the boundaries of the musical experience this summer and giving people big glitzy, glamorous shows packed with celebrities and feel good stories.’

‘We’ve also noticed how popular tinkers and gypsies have become, with shows like ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding‘ being watched by millions of people and straight away we thought of a Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy night. The line ups will be completed each week by a well know fashion designer and a lucky soldier who will be brought straight to Ibiza on his return from active service, it’s going to be a real people’s night.’

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Although nothing has been confirmed yet, rumors are circulating around the White Isle that the first weeks line up will be made up of; celebrity tinkers Paddy Doherty and Johnny Coyle playing back 2 back, eccentric English designer Vivienne Westwood and a soldier who will be chosen at random in the days leading up to the event, all of whom will be playing pre-recorded sets, adding to the ongoing debate that is currently raging in the EDM community.


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