“Been There Done That” Dax J Tells Solomun

Dax J has reportedly accused Solomun of “stealing his thunder” after the Diynamic label boss played a track containing a sample of the Call to Prayer at Kappa Futur Festival.

Yesterday, Solomun issued a full apology to millions of Muslims all over the world, claiming that it was an honest mistake on his part caused by playing a track without listening to it properly first.

Dax J was quick to hit back at Solomun, labeling his fellow DJ’s fuck up as “so 2017” and “totally unoriginal”.

“Been there done that, you know what I mean,” Dax J told Wunderground earlier. “I’m not really much of a Solomun fan. Sure, he’s super talented and has done an incredible job building Diynamic and the Solomun + One brand. But, have you seen the way he dances? What’s that all about? He looks like a cross between my dad and my nan every time he gets behind a set of decks.”

“This latest shit with the Call to Prayer is the last straw,” fumed Dax J. “That was my thing. Surely Solomun is big enough already without having to resort to copying other people’s publicity stunts. Now, whenever someone Googles ‘Call to Prayer DJ’ they’re going to see his face before they see mine, even though I did it first.”

“And, at least I had the decency to do it in a fucking Muslim country. I was lucky to get out of Tunisia alive, I was literally run out of the place and I can never go back there or they’ll lock me up,” ranted Dax. “Fucking Billy Big Bollox over there goes and does it poxy Italy. Do they even have Muslims there?”

“Turin, not the desert. North Italy not North Africa. He probably walked off stage, had some wine and wood-fired pizza and then shagged a couple of groupies. I was brought out the back door to avoid the angry mob shouting for my blood.”

In related news, Muslims all over the world are said to be very excited about the opportunity to “virtually batter Solomun” when his character appears in the hugely popular video game Grand Theft Auto V.

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“Been There Done That” Dax J Tells Solomun

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