Drunk Girl’s Shaky Video Of DJ Recorded On Phone Nominated For Sundance Film Award

Drunk Girls Video on phone is nominated for Sundance Award

A shaky video of a DJ, recorded by a drunk girl on her phone, has been nominated for an award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Gemma Smith, who claims she was “so pissed up” she can’t even remember recording the six minute video, has been labelled as “one to watch” in the film industry following the emergence of her critically acclaimed directorial debut.

Wunderground spoke to Gemma earlier today, “I found the video while I was looking through my phone on the bog in work yesterday morning,” she told us. “I honestly can’t even remember taking it, I ended up puking into my own knickers while shagging my best friend’s brother down the the back of the chippie so, it’s fair to say, I was pissed as a fruit fly in a cider factory on Saturday night.”

“I didn’t even watch it properly, I thought it would make people think I had a dead good weekend so I just put it straight out on my Facebook, Insta and SnapChat,” explained Gemma. “Straight away I knew it was good, the likes were flying in, even know, a full day later, they’re still going up, my phone has been absolutely hopping ever since.”

“I can’t believe it’s getting so much attention,” she continued. “I’m gonna be proper famous after this. I always thought using my phone while drunk was a bad thing but I’ll definitely be getting out when I’m pissed all the time now.”

American director Spike Jonze spoke of his admiration for Smith’s video, claiming that there are “clear flashes of genius” visible in the unknown director’s work.

“Even though the picture is incredibly shaky, the audio is predominantly inaudible music broken up by intermittent screaming and the lighting is similar to what you might find in Woody Allen’s underground wank dungeon, this is still one of the greatest pieces of cinematography produced in the twenty first century,” claimed Jonze. “I’d be very surprised if this video doesn’t clean up around some of the more avant-garde festivals this year.”

The video, which has been aptly named “Havin it large on Saturday”, has now been viewed more than two hundred million times in forty eight hours, making it the most popular video since the discovery of cute puppies in late 2013.

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Drunk Girl’s Shaky Video Of DJ Recorded On Phone Nominated For Sundance Film Award

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