Fatboy Slim Opens Up On His Skiing Addiction – “It Was A Slippery Slope To The Bottom”

Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, has opened up and spoke freely about his skiing addiction for the first time during an exclusive interview with Wunderground.

Speaking ahead of his headline appearance at next year’s Snowboxx Festival, held in Avoriaz, France, between 17 and 24 March, Cook revealed that he finally feels ready to face the slopes again after almost fifteen years off-piste.

“Skiing addiction is a lot more common than you might think,” Cook explained. “Especially in men between the ages of twenty-one and a half and fifty-six and three-eighths. A recent study found that almost one-seventh of a tenth of the world’s population has been affected by skiing addiction. When you think about it, it’s a really shocking, and confusing, statistic.”

“It’s a really slippery slope,” he continued bravely. “There are so many great highs but they’re almost always followed by some really extreme lows and, if you let things get as out of control as I did, it won’t be long before you hit rock bottom and, let me tell you, you really need a lift when you get down there, otherwise you’ll be stuck there forever.”

“Luckily, after about nine years of constant skiing, I managed to beat my addiction,” he proudly revealed. “It was probably the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I definitely look back at it as my greatest ever achievement. It took months of dry slopes, skiing simulators and eventually a few games of SSX Tricky on the PlayStation but eventually I weaned myself off the slopes altogether, I haven’t as much as watched the Winter Olympics since.”

According to Snowboxx organisers, as well as his headline slot, Cook will also be single-handedly manning a support center for people who have overdone it on the ski slopes during the festival.

“Here at Snowboxx, we really want to see people enjoy skiing safely and responsibly,” claimed festival spokesperson Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. “Norman is someone who has seen everything when it comes to skiing and he has generously offered to supply support for anyone else who feels they may be developing an addiction to the slopes while they are here.”

Fellow Snowboxx headliners Chase & Status, who are performing a DJ set at the festival, were also quick to support Cook’s work at this year’s festival, “We think what Fatboy Slim is doing at Snowboxx is fantastic,” the band’s Will Kennard told us. “I’ve been through something very similar, with a BMX addiction in the late 80s, so I can really empathise with him and appreciate what he’s doing. If the festival wasn’t already so great, this would be another excellent reason to go.”

If you would like the chance to listen to Fatboy Slim and a Chase & Status DJ set or even hit the slopes, with the added security of an onsite musical genius social worker, at next year’s Snowboxx festival, click here for more information.

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Fatboy Slim Opens Up On His Skiing Addiction – “It Was A Slippery Slope To The Bottom”

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