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Father Who Caught Son Taking Ecstasy Teaches Him Lesson By Making Him “Take Them All”

Father Who Caught Son Taking Ecstasy Teaches Him Lesson By Making Him “Take Them All”

A well meaning but misguided Nebraska father, George Norton, has hospitalised and almost killed his teenaged son, Harry, after attempting to teach the ecstasy taking boy a lesson by making him “take every last one” of the ecstasy tablets in the boy’s possession because “that’ll learn [him].”

George stands by his decision to traumatise and almost kill his own son dead. “My own father caught me smoking when I was a young kid and that’s how he dealt with it, he made me smoke a whole pack until I was sick…I never smoked again,” explained George.

“Well, I smoked again but not that same day, it was the next day. But still, those few hours feeling slightly nauseous really curbed my appetite for smoking cigarettes for a good six, maybe even, seven hours.”

Mr. Norton says that he noticed his son had been acting strangely over the last few months and began to suspect that it may be illicit drugs. “When you’re a father you notice these changes pretty quickly, sometimes as fast as a few months after they start to happen,” George explained.

“Harry was starting to go out more socialising with friends. I also started to notice that he was developing a healthy passion for music and art, which obviously indicated to me that something was very, very wrong,” he added.

After noticing his son’s burgeoning confidence and exploratory nature, George began spying on Harry in a bid to catch him in the act of suspected drug taking. “So I started hiding under his bed at night,” explained George. “If you, as an American, care about your kid’s health then you’ve got to be willing to invade that kid’s privacy.”

“The love of a parent must be strong enough to break all other bonds of propriety,” he intoned. “Which means that sometimes you need to be willing to hide under your kid’s bed to see what they get up to.”

“If that means listening to them masturbating every night then that’s what you’ve got to do to prove that you love them.”

“Normally I’d stop the masturbating once and for all by making him masturbate non-stop in front of me until he was sick. But I needed to prioritise with the drug taking,” explained Mr. Norton. “But maybe I will do just that when he gets out of hospital, if the part of his brain that controls sexual behaviour isn’t damaged. But hopefully it is.”

George explained that during one of his incursions into Harry’s room he found a baggie containing 15 ecstasy tablets and forced the teenager to eat all of them. “He seemed to enjoy it at first but after about 10 of them he was drooling from the mouth and shaking uncontrollably. It was at that point that I began to suspect that my plan had worked so I leaned over his unconscious body and said ‘Now, that’ll teach you not to do it again’ and phoned the ambulance.”

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“If you don’t try to change your child’s nature early on,” warned George, “then there’s nothing to prevent them turning into someone you can’t control.”

“If any parent really loves their kid then it’s their duty to ward that child from the dangers of drug taking,” he continued. “And the best way to do that, of course, is to force that child to overdose and almost die on that drug.”

“Now, if and when my boy Harry recovers full brain function, any time he sees an ecstasy tablet he’ll be reminded that ecstasy almost killed him and he’ll be terrified to take it again,” explained George.

“Some people have suggested that something similar will happen anytime the boy sees me, but I’m hardly responsible for almost killing him, ecstasy is.”

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  • What kinda sick people make sadistic jokes like this to upset people who care and offend people who ACTUALLY go through things like this. im sorry to burst your perfect little bubbles but there are actually people in the world whose lives are this bad, so dont use that to make people think your funny or cool! Disgraceful.

  • I’ve known some people never be the same again after ingesting that much ecstasy, nice one pops, for potentially ruining your sons life.

  • I myself have overdoesed on ecstasy, nothing I’m proud of as I am currently 18, my heart had stopped and they had to get it started again and I remember nothing from it. But it sure did make me think twice about ever taking them again and I am 100% sure that if offered I would turn my nose up at the opportunity and walk the other way, so for some it may be a “wake up call” like is was for me, but I don’t believe that it he should have been forced to take 15 that’s a little too much!

  • To the rather confused looking individuals below, allow me to clarify. Yes this story is true, I have been lucky enough to make a full recovery, although my father keeps harping on about how I could go blind?

  • are you idiots fucking retarded? this article is clearly a joke you fucking inbred morons

  • please tell me nobody i share i planet with is stupid enough to believe this….

  • his father should be shot instead of getting him off drugs makes him take to many and go to hospital, great parenting

  • The father is pretty stupid doing that. there are other ways of dealing with it.

  • I would first make him take all the extacy then masturbate in front of me while smoking till he passes out to kill 3 birds with one stone obviously I’m kidding this war on drugs is a literal joke imagine the clean mdma and other drugs that can be regulated produced and taxed by the government …. The education on the harm It can cause you that you need to do before you can get a script ….. The drug dealers out of business the total benefit to society as a whole and please don’t say kids can get it because by regulated I mean prescriptions and dispensed at a medical facility. Making it illegal only pushes it farther underground.

  • This man is a total a..hole! I hope that the authorities investigate & take this child away from his father. He still believes that he did nothing wrong. This is even when he doesn’t know if his son will regain all his mental funtion. He’s an idiot.

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