FBI Investigating Syrian Producer Who Claimed His Latest Track Was “The Bomb”

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Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are believed to be investigating a New York based Syrian electronic music producer, who claimed his latest track was “the bomb”.

Twenty eight year old Adnan Farzat has been living in America since he was four years old and, despite having no links to any organised religion whatsoever, fits the Bureau’s profile of a possible Islamic extremist.

American country music producer Axel White claims he reported Mr. Farzat to his local FBI office after seeing him making a number of posts, on an online music forum, claiming his latest work was “the bomb” and an “absolute weapon”.

“You can never be too careful when it comes to freedom or liberty,” said Mr. White,
who considers himself a “true Republican”. “That’s why I’ve got fifteen guns and why I always report any suspicious activity to the FBI. You never know when the next 9-11’s gonna happen, it could be 2-18, 11-23 or even 15-15.”

“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s foreigners coming over here and killing Americans,” claimed White, whose Scottish ancestors originally arrived on American soil in 1862 during the civil war and took up arms for the Union army. “We need to send them back to wherever it is they came from to make sure we’re all safe here to live in freedom, as slaves for massive corporations.”

“I always thought there was something a little bit off about this Farzat fella,” continued White. “ I had a hunch about him from the first time I seen him posting, usually my hunches have something to do with turbans and beards be he doesn’t have either, he’s not even that brown, kinda like a Mexican, but there was just something about him. As soon as he said the words bomb and weapon alarm bells started ringing. So I stopped polishing my guns and called the Feds.”

According to FBI sources, their investigations have so far yielded no evidence to suggest Mr. Farzat is connected to terrorism. Although he will still be treated as a person of interest after a picture of him on what appears to be a “beach or possible ISIS training camp” was discovered hidden as his facebook profile picture.

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FBI Investigating Syrian Producer Who Claimed His Latest Track Was “The Bomb”

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