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Fedde Le Grand And Daniel O’Donnell To Team Up In Weirdest Collaboration Of All Time

Fedde Le Grand And Daniel O’Donnell To Team Up In Weirdest Collaboration Of All Time

More surreal news from the world of EDM sees Irish mammy’s boy Daniel O’Donnell team up with Dutch DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand.

The unlikely duo are believed to have struck a deal that sees O’Donnell lay down his distinctive crooning over what Le Grand describes as a ‘house monster’ in what has to be the most outrageous collaboration since Avicii went all country on his recent album True.

Le Grand spoke about his eagerly anticipated track, “I have spent a lot of time in the studio over the last couple of months. This one track that I was working on, an absolute house monster, had been causing me a whole lot of trouble. It’s possibly the best track I’ve ever made but it was missing something and for weeks I racked my brain trying to figure out what it was,” he explained.

“Then one day it hit me like a lightening bolt! I remembered this email I got a couple of months back from Daniel O’Donnell saying how much he likes my work and that he’d like to make a track with me. So I’m straight on the phone to my manager and I’m like ‘get this motherfucker in the studio now’ and the rest as they say is history!” he proclaimed proudly.

The Irish singer also spoke about his recent found love for EDM, “I discovered my love for EDM at one of my bi-daily tea parties with a few local grannies a couple of months ago. We always allow the grannies to bring the biscuits and music. Nine times out of ten we’re eating pink wafers and listening to one of my albums but this one day a lovely little lady called Fidelma, from Buncranna, asked if she could play a mix,” he explained with a child like innocence.

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“Well, I was intrigued, I had no idea what a mix was so I put it on, I always love to try new things! It was Fedde Le Grande live from Tomorrowland. I fell in love with it straight away, it was so clean cut. I always thought rave music and techno was so dark and underground, I was actually a wee bit scared of it but this EDM is just great. What can I say, me and the grannies love it. I knew straight away that this was the direction I wanted to take my music,” he said with a face you just can’t help but want to mother.

The track, titled Kittens & Mammies, is due for release in October on Flamingo records. It is also rumoured that O’Donnell has started work on some of his own house productions and a 2014 residency in Amnesia is very much in the pipeline.

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