Fedde Le Grand Wins The Oscar For Busiest DJ

In an unusual move, the organisers of the Academy Awards have announced they will be adding an extra category to their list of accolades, the Busiest DJ award.

They have also revealed they will be backdating the award for this year and have belatedly named Fedde Le Grand as 2018’s Busiest DJ.

Wunderground spoke with Harvey Sweinbanger, a spokesperson for the Academy Awards, earlier today, “Every so often, we see a performance here in Hollywood and we have no option but to stand up and take notice of it,” he told us. “That happened earlier this month when we saw Fedde La Grand’s DJ Mag set.”

“We’ve got Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot, Jodie Foster in The Accused, Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia, Nicholas Cage in everything he’s ever been in and now we’ve got Fedde Le Grand on DJ Mag,” continued Swinebanger. “It really is up there with some of the greatest acting of all time.”

“We knew we had to acknowledge that performance,” explained the Hollywood insider. “Rather than strip Gary Oldman of his Best Actor award, which we were very close to doing, we decided to create a whole new category and we came up with the idea for the Busiest DJ award.”

“Anyone who’s seen the video will know why, Fedde hardly stops moving at all but when you look closely he’s actually doing fuck all, it’s a real skill, he’s even managed to fool a few people into thinking he’s actually DJing, we haven’t seen a musical performance like this since Peter Andre danced under a waterfall.”

According to experts, Fedde Le Grand is already planning an even bigger performance to try and retain the Busiest DJ crown in 2019, but has so far struggled to find anyone to book him.

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Fedde Le Grand Wins The Oscar For Busiest DJ

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