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“Foam Parties Are A Great Way Of Doing Laundry” Claims Ibiza Bar Worker

“Foam Parties Are A Great Way Of Doing Laundry” Claims Ibiza Bar Worker

An Ibizan bar worker has today revealed that he uses foam parties as a thrifty way of saving money on his laundry bills.

Matt Mills, who has been living on the white isle since early May, claims bar workers in Ibiza are “struggling to get by” but admitted that there are “plenty of ways” to save money “if you know where to look”.

Mills discussed his economic exploits with Wunderground, “People think that going to Ibiza for the summer is all drinking, taking drugs, having sex and general partying but it’s not just that you also have to do normal things like eating, going to the toilet and laundry.”

“You don’t make very much money working in a bar over here so it’s very important that you make a budget and stick to it,” revealed the frugal bartender. “Mine is quite simple really, it’s pretty much eighty percent drugs and twenty percent rent so I have to be really smart when it comes to making up all my other outgoings,” he continued.

“Working in a bar I can pretty much cover food by eating scraps, drink by drinking slops and there’s always soap and toilet paper in the bathrooms,” claimed Mills (24). “It’s really hard to find rented accommodation with a washing machine here and for ages I just couldn’t figure out a way to get my laundry done without spending valuable drugs money on going to a laundrette and I was forced to just wear dirty clothes,” he explained.

“Then one day in the bar I heard these guys talking about a foam party and it hit me like a ton of bricks or more accurately a big foamy ton of foam,” joked Mills. “It’s perfect, I’ve been going to a foam party once a week and my clothes have been immaculately clean ever since, you just have to make sure to wear all your dirty clothes and you’re sorted,” he proudly revealed.

“It’s also a really good opportunity to have a proper wash,” revealed the barman, “and if you get all your business done early you can actually have a pretty good time. Foam parties are great for getting a grope of an arse or a tit and if your really lucky you might even get someone to scrub your back. You know what I mean?” he asked while over dramatically nodding his head and winking.

In light of Mr. Mills’ comments the Laundromats Association of Ibiza have started a campaign to have all workers barred from attending foam parties for the remainder of the season.

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