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“Who The Fuck Are All These DJs?” Asks Every Dance Music Fan Over 30

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Dance music fans over the age of thirty have been left scratching their heads in bewilderment at the plethora of DJs currently saturating the market.

John Reilly, a thirty four year old from Dublin, Ireland, believes there is currently “far too many DJs to remember” and believes the industry is being overrun by “minimally talented saps”.

“I blame the internet,” Reilly told us earlier today. “It’s done some great things for us, like porn and online banking, but it’s also allowed any dope with an opinion to make themselves heard and get themselves out there. The same with DJs, all you need is a set of decks and a camera and you can be playing to an international audience.”

“It wasn’t like that back in the day at all,” continued Reilly. “There were no podcasts, online radio shows or live streams, the local DJs played on pirate radio stations and the big lads made mix albums, like Renaissance or Global Underground, so you’d only ever really know a handful of DJs at any given time, which was just the way I liked it.”

“Djs had to be really good to get noticed in those days but now, thanks to social media, it’s almost like looks are more important that skills,” claimed the thirty four year old. “All you have to do is look at the newer DJs, Hot Since 1983, Jeffrey Jones, Santa, and they’re just the ones I know, there’s millions more who I’ll never remember.”

“They’re all really good looking lads, and probably half decent on the decks too, but back in the day DJs didn’t need to rely on their looks because no one had a clue what they looked like,” he continued. “We had the likes of Dave Clarke, Danny Tenaglia and DJ Sneak, all cracking DJs and total munters. You always know where you stand with an ugly DJ, you don’t with the hordes of pretty boys behind the decks these days.”

According to rumours circulated by Mr Reilly, Hot Since 1983 is set to launch a brand new club night called “Up To Me Elbows In Tracks” in Dublin later this year.

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