Function One Trial Soundsystem That Lets You Smell The Music

Funktion One can now allow you smell the music

One of the music industry’s leading manufacturers of sound systems, Funktion-One, have announced they are set to trial a brand new system that will allow people to smell the music.

The system, which has been named Smell The Funk, has been trialled at a number of electronic music shows this year to mixed response.

Billy Martin, head of product testing for Funktion-One, spoke to Wunderground, “Here at Funktion-One we’re always trying to push the boundaries of sound by trying to create the ultimate immersive experience with our systems, we believe Smell The Funk is, by far, the most enveloping and mesmeric sound system ever made.”

The Smell The Funk system has, so far, been used at a Calvin Harris show in Las Vegas, a Steve Aoki performance at Ultra Music Festival and a Richie Hawtin gig in Womb, Tokyo.

“There are a lot of different factors that go into creating the Funk that people will smell with our sound system,” continued Martin. “Each speaker is loaded with an array of ingredients, similar to a perfumery, which are then mixed and emitted by an internal computer to create a completely different aroma for every type of music that is played through the system.”

“When we used the system with Richie Hawtin the club was covered in the smell of nature, Saki and sweat, which most people claimed really added to the experience,” revealed Martin. “When we used it at Calvin Harris’s show we mainly got smells of haggis, Armani and cheese and when we used it at Steve Aoki’s Ultra show all we got was a smell of shit, it definitely doesn’t work for all occasions but I think you could be smelling music in you favourite venue before too long.”

In related news, A DJ Sneak gig was called off last weekend after a number of people in the front row complained of a smell of rancid meat, on later inspection it turned out to be the DJ’s breath.

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