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Girl Happy To Go Home With Random Bloke But Won’t Accept Facebook Request From Stranger

A girl has declined a Facebook friend request from a man she has never met properly, claiming she doesn’t accept “randoms” and referring to his behaviour as “weird” and “creepy”.

Twenty five year old, Emma Jackson, from Hull, England, is said to have pulled a “screwface” when a request from twenty nine year old Josh Bowers, who drinks in her local pub, appeared on her Facebook page, revealing she isn’t the type of girl to “just accept anyone”.

“Why would this bloke send me a request? I’ve only seen him in the pub a couple of times, I don’t know him at all,” she confirmed. “He could be a serial killer or paedophile for all I know. A woman needs to be careful in this day and age as there are far too many crazies running around the place. What if he stalks my photos looking for side boob pictures? Or leaves a comment with just the peeping eyes emoji? I wouldn’t feel safe.”

Wunderground spoke to Jeff Hayward, the man whose house Emma was in when she “kicked off” over the Facebook incident, “I had only met her a couple of hours prior when she asked if we could go and get on it at my place,” he told us. “She seemed like a nice girl, up for a laugh, probably looking to get laid, so I thought why not. She doesn’t know my surname, or any of my friends but I had a gram of charlie back at the flat so she was well keen. Seems weird she is so private on social media yet happy to come home with me.”

“I don’t know any girl that accepts random blokes,” continued Emma. “Facebook and Instagram are private areas where you can’t let just anybody in. I need to have known a man for a long time before we become friends online. I have standards.”

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