Girl Who Drunkenly Kissed Guy On Night Out Instantly Regrets Adding Him On Facebook

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A girl who drunkenly kissed and added a random guy as a friend on Facebook at the weekend is believed to have instantly regretted her poor decision making.

The incident occurred while Stephanie Morris, twenty three, was out drinking with a group of friends in Newcastle’s Sinners nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Morris, who works in the tanning industry, is believed to have momentarily locked lips with Philip “Lady Killer” Jenkinson, after a chance meeting in the club’s smoking area, before rounding off their fleeting moment by adding the man, five years her junior, on the popular social media site.

“I don’t know what I was thinking adding that boy on Facebook,” explained a reflective Stephanie this morning. “I seen that he had ‘Lad Killer’ as his middle name on his profile and I still added him anyway, now I don’t know whether I should block him, which will turn out really awkward if I meet him in Sinners again, or just entertain his messages for a little while before slowly phasing him out and eventually ignoring him altogether.”

“I don’t know what came over me, I’m not the type of girl who usually kisses a guy straight away like that,” continued Ms. Morriss. “Normally I’d wait until he’d bought me at least two drinks, you know to get my money’s worth, but there was something about this fella. I don’t know if was the man bun or the full sleeve tattoo but, whatever it was, I just had to grab him and stick my tongue as far down his neck as physically possible straight away. I’m totally morto!”

According to witnesses, the young man was like a “rabbit in headlights or a bloke in the bright reflection of a bird who’d tanned herself luminous orange” when Ms. Morris made her advances on him.

Wunderground spoke to the young man earlier, “I don’t know what happened, it was all over so quickly. I was walking back after having a fag and next of all I’m being groped and kissed by some old slag.”

“It was kind of horrible, she was old enough to be my big sister,” explained Mr. Jenkinson, who sees “all the lads” from Geordie Shore as his main role models. “Next thing I know I had a phone thrust into my hand and I was being told to find myself on Facebook. It was like some sort of weird dream, before I knew it she was gone. Afterwards I wasn’t even sure if it had really happened or it was just some mad ketamine trip.”

“When I got home later that night I had ten messages saying things like ‘lovely to meet you’, ‘let’s meet up next week’ and ‘you still awake?’ I’ve just ignored them all, I’m a lady killer not a bleeding Oompa Loompa killer,” continued Jenkinson with a wry smile. “I won’t delete her as a friend though, she’s obviously well keen and I could be still up next time she messages, you never know.”

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Girl Who Drunkenly Kissed Guy On Night Out Instantly Regrets Adding Him On Facebook

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