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Girls Worldwide Preparing To Launch #BoyDidGood Hashtag

Girls Worldwide Preparing To Launch #BoyDidGood Hashtag

Girls across the world are beginning to prepare for the annual #BoyDidGood campaign, which strikes in the form of a hashtag on the morning of 25th December, every year.

Unknown when the “movement” actually began, it has become so popular that even if the man they refer to as “the boy” didn’t actually “do good”, most, if not all women, participate anyway, through fear of being left out or alienated.

“Last year I got a Mulberry bag so the boy did really good,” announced Cheryl Clarke, who is eagerly anticipating what she can brag about this year. “Obviously he knows he has to beat what he got me last Christmas so I’m thinking I might get a new car or a holiday somewhere hot. I can’t wait to be spoiled and let everybody know how great my boyfriend is at taking obvious hints. I usually win the whole #BoyDidGood competition, that’s basically what it is, a contest to see who got the best stuff.”

Wunderground managed to speak to Danielle Jones with regards to the #BoyDidGood craze, as she has a different take on her “idiot” boyfriend, Callum, “He put twenty quid in a card for me last Christmas and about midday asked to borrow a tenner to go for a lunchtime pint,” she told us. “He did not do good at all but I can’t let anybody know that because it reflects badly on me.”

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“The whole point of the #BoyDidGood hashtag is that us girls don’t only show off about what brilliant things we’ve been given but also how great our choice in men is. If I tell the girls Callum got me fuck all it’ll make me look terrible and I’ll become a laughing stock. I’m best off buying myself some nice things on Christmas Eve and pretending he got them for me. I know I’m not the only girl to do this either.”

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