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Grace Still Won’t Admit It’s Over

Grace Still Won’t Admit It’s Over

Legendary DJs Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne, who formed nineties dance act Grace, are still refusing to accept it’s over, according to reports.

Having released the dance floor anthem Not Over Yet in 1993, again in 1995, then again in 1996, before that one for luck in 2011, Oakenfold is preparing for a 2017 edit of the classic tune, with the latest release expected to be re-titled It’s Seriously Not Over Yet.

“It’s not over, not over, not over, not over yet, for this track,” claimed Oakenfold. “I would go as far as saying it is one of the biggest dance tunes to ever be made and we feel it still has a good twenty five years’ worth of remixes in it. We are glad the Klaxons revived it ten years ago, putting their unique spin on it by adding ‘It’s’ into the title. We are even happier that Goldfrapp done an acoustic version. All that’s left is a metal cover by Limp Bizkit to really complete the quota.”

“Initially, people assumed the lyrics portrayed someone unwilling to accept a relationship is over,” confirmed Oakenfold. “However, as the years have gone on, I am happy to admit the lyrics are absolutely, one hundred per cent, based on my relationship with this record. You wait, next year’s’ version, It’s Seriously Not Over Yet, will be followed up two years later with It’s Honestly Not Over Yet with It’s Not Fucking Over Yet So Stop Asking to come later down the line.”

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Wunderground asked nineties music die hard Scott Day what he makes of a new version hitting the clubs, “It’s definitely the catchiest piece of shit you’ll never be able to forget,” he told us. “However, this is getting a bit silly now. How many times does it need to be re-released?”

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