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Group Of Ket Heads Win Mannequin Challenge

A group of twenty something’s, who love getting bang on the ket, have been awarded first prize in the latest internet trend to bore regular people to tears, the mannequin challenge.

It is believed the seven boy, five girl-strong group of friends have been contacted by the PR agency responsible for creating the mannequin challenge, with a view to awarding them a trophy and some prize money for their “outstanding” efforts in remaining absolutely still for a prolonged period of time, whilst being filmed.

“We are the most hated PR agency on earth,” confirmed Sally Annadale, head of creative ideas. “We were behind the dreadful Harlem Shake a few years back, that silly modern adaptation of the Running Man Dance which isn’t even close to being the correct dance and also that cringey as fuck bottle throwing challenge where idiots try and flip a bottle as if it’s some huge achievement. So we know what we’re on about when it comes to creating really fucking irritating internet trends.”

“We’ve had footballers, movie stars, musicians and the general public all take part in this mannequin game but this particular group of people took the piss with how epic their effort was,” continued Sally. “They were filmed for nineteen hours on a dance floor, at a rave, literally not moving a muscle. No food, no water, just staring into an abyss. It was a simply stunning effort and fully deserving of the first prize.”

Wunderground spoke with Jess Kingsmill, who featured in the winning video, “I had no idea I was being filmed,” she told us. “We all went to a deep-house rave on Saturday and done what we usually do; took loads of ket and stood there like zombies, having the best night ever in our heads, while being avoided by everybody else in the club.”

When asked what they are likely to spend the prize money on, without any hesitation whatsoever, Jess confirmed “more ket”.

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