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Man Who Joined Gym On 1 January Finally Attends

A man who made it his New Year’s resolution to “shift a bit of weight” ahead of the summer, has finally made his first appearance in the gym he joined on 1 January.

Stephen Gibbs, from Somerset, England, is said to be “determined” to lose a few pounds ahead of the “big Christmas blow-out”, where he anticipates he will put it all back on again, and then some.

“What a waste of fifty quid a month,” laughed Stephen. “I intended on getting into shape so I could feel confident taking my top off on holiday. Turns out getting up off the sofa was a lot harder than expected. I packed a gym bag and left it in my car every day until the end of January with the intention of going. By February that bag was in the house. By March that bag was in the cupboard, along with my dignity.”

Having finally indulged in his first gym visit, Wunderground asked Stephen what he thought of that way of life, “It was unreal,” he passionately told us. “When I got there, I had this well fit young lass show me around and teach me how to use everything. After my half hour induction and staring at her tits the whole time, I went and got changed and then sat in the steam room for forty five minutes.”

“I can safely say I will be returning to the gym tomorrow, he confirmed. “I’m going to have a little perv on all the girls and then have a sauna or steam, hopefully I’ll lose a few stone in water weight.”

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