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Harambe To Feature On New Gorillaz Album

Harambe To Feature On New Gorillaz Album

According to Wunderground sources, the world’s favourite dead gorilla, Harambe, is to feature on the Gorillaz’s new album.

Reports suggest that a previously unheard recording of Harambe performing a Nina Simone vocal will feature on a track believed to be titled “Why?”.

Wunderground caught up with Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn earlier, “We’re the Gorillaz, how could we not feature Harambe on our album? He’s easily the biggest thing to happen to the gorilla world in the last year.”

“The world has a major problem with animal cruelty at the moment and we really want to see something done about it,” continued Albarn. “We really want to send a message but what can we do? We’re just blokes, who live in a house, a very big house in the country, so after a bit of planning we decided that the best way for us to make a point was through music and having the big fella feature on the album really hammers it home.”

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“For an actual gorilla, he has a really good voice too and we’ve sampled his chest beating to use a precision and it sounds way better than any drum I’ve ever heard,” claimed the former Blur singer. “We’re actually thinking about making him an honorary member of the band and bringing him on tour with us.”

Wunderground sources suggest that the Gorillaz may also include holographic version’s of Cecil the Lion, Bambis’s mum and Old Yeller on thier upcoming world tour.

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