“It’s The Highest I’ve Ever Been” Claims Man Off His Bin At Paul Oakenfold’s Everest Gig

A man who took drugs at a Paul Oakenfold gig held at Everest Base Camp earlier this week has claimed that is was definitely the highest he has ever been.

The gig, which was partially streamed on Facebook, is the first installation of Oakenfold’s Soundtrek series, which will the DJ play at some of the planet’s most remote areas in a bid to raise awareness about the cause and effects of global warming.

Barry Highland, a twenty-six-year-old backpacker, claimed he was over the moon to discover that Oakenfold was playing at Everest Base Camp while he was there.

“I’ve always been a massive Oakie fan,” claimed the backpacker. “I’ve been really into his music ever since I first watched Big Brother and I’ve always wanted to catch one of his shows but it’s just never really worked out for me. It was totally by chance that I happened to be here on Everest Base Camp now.”

“I’ve been travelling all over Asia for the last six months trying to find myself,” continued Mr Highland. “And by trying to find myself I mean drinking, smoking weed, shagging American girls and taking any drugs I can get my hands on. I managed to get this awesome MDMA in India and I’d been saving it for a special occasion, once I heard about the gig I knew it was the right time, it kinda felt like it was fate that I’d be here on the mountain, off my chops, while Paul was DJing.”

“A few people had told me that it might be a bad idea to be taking drugs at 17,600 feet above sea level, they even said that I might die but I wasn’t having any of that shit, there was no way I was gonna let an opportunity like that slip by me,” he continued. “Thank fuck I didn’t listen to them, it was fucking amazing, definitely the highest I’ve ever been, I was so off me nut that at one point I actually thought I was in my nan’s house in Scarborough and I was trying to play with her dog, turned out I was trying to stroke an Italian mountain climber’s beard for forty-five minutes.”

“It were proper good though, I even got to meet Oakie after the gig, I can’t really remember what we were talking about, although I do remember telling him that I was the Highlander and there could be only one, I don’t know what I was on about, I’ve got four brothers.”

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