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Hipsters Distance Themselves From Deep House Claiming It Is “Too Popular”

Hipsters Distance Themselves From Deep House Claiming It Is “Too Popular”

Hipsters from across the globe are in a state of panic this week as it emerged that the current wave of popular “Deep House/Nu-Disco” club music is becoming “too popular.”

The panic comes mere weeks after EDM stars Tiesto and Steve Aoki’s shameless attempts to ingratiate themselves into the genre. “That was the nail in the coffin for me,” claimed London art-student Mo Curtis, pictured looking pensive as he receives the official news that Deep House is too commercial from the hipster high council. “I wasn’t even that into the music but when people like that are hitching their wagons to it you know it’s definitely not underground enough anymore.”

Berlin-based hipster, Kevin Jameson, echoed the sentiments of Mo and countless others around the world, “The music isn’t even the most important part of the music. It’s more important to be constantly looking for the coolest and most interesting new music,” he explained. “So that I can broadcast my interest in that music and then abandon it when it gets too popular. It makes me feel better than everyone else, and I love that.”

“Deep House has been good to me over the last few years. I was the first person to post a link to Without You by Art Department on my Facebook and I’ve been to loads of Hot Creations nights which I, thrillingly, got to boast to people about. I also got a lot of kudos for being the first of my friends to blog about Disclosure,” claimed Kevin. “And I got even more respect when I subsequently said that they were a bit too hyped.”

Discussing his plans for the future Mo claimed that he would stop listening to Deep House altogether and remove any evidence that he ever liked it from his life, “I’ve been here before so I know the drill. This is the third time I’ve had to alter my image according to what’s cool. The first time was when everyone got into Minimal Techno and then of course there was the Dubstep implosion of 2011,” he explained resignedly.

Mo went on to claim that over the next few months he would strive to find a new genre of music that is suitably unknown to take an interest in. “I’ve read about this eastern European kind of Klezmer/Gabba hybrid that is supposed to be awful. It’s made by two Communist ex-convicts using a Kaoss pad and a drum made from an old kettle and some sheepskin. It hasn’t even got a genre yet,” enthused Mo. “I really think it’s amazing but most people wouldn’t be into it.”

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  • Great! Then if in Brooklyn, stay away from “Output” you hipster scum!!! lol.
    By the way, I LOVE YOU GUYS AT Wunderground 🙂

    Tony Santiago/New York Dance Music Coalition

  • What a load of Tosh!Is it me,or do hipsters take everything,especially themselves,way too seriously?Get over yourselves ffs,u not long been born,ease up before u die.When I was a lad,we was called hippies,when did hippies become hipsters?Hippies couldn’t care less,where as Hipsters are completely self absorbed,and constitute a mishmash of past trends and fashions,nothing new about u!Drop the labels,be yourself,like wot u like.

  • Stupid F@#king hipster tossbags, whatever happened to listening to music because you like the sound of it?? F@#k what other people are listening to, listen to music because you like the f@#king sound of it!!!!

  • I love that some of you think this is real and there’s such a thing as the “Hipster High Council”. Suspect you need to get out of the house more! You do know what sort of website is, don’t you? Try reading the Onion if you are that gullible and need to blow your mind!

    • hahaha…lol…always nice to see that people don´t understand the “fun” here…’

      however, many this article has some interesting points and some
      truth in it…

    • i’m a founding member of the HHC, is it because you’re jelause of it you are spreading this false propagada it doesn’t exist? this is not the best way to candidate for it

  • you guys plays at bottle service clubs like cinema. i’m sorry if you think you deserve underground recognition, but you will only receive hate doing shit like that.

  • OH! COME ON! Get over yourself!! You listen to music because you like the sound of it and NOT because its cool!! And, by the way, since when hipsters know about music anyway.

  • Minimal techno to dub step to deep house your not hip your a music whore like so many people these days afraid to have an opinion that differs from that of your clique and just a news flash there is NO truly underground music anymore just enjoy it

  • Hipsters making Chavs look better with each passing day. Hipsters, please distance yourself from more genres of music as you’re embarrassing us.

    Actually, you should go sulk in a corner somewhere away from ALL forms of music, as you clearly don’t understand any of it like normal people do.

  • This is borin-hell. Doesnt matter what you dress like / what you aspire to be / what categories you fall into – if you like the music… well, then you like the music. I’ve been into house since I was 14/15 and see numerous trends fall and fade at raves but not once would I say ‘oh I’m not going to this rave because there are gonna be too many shufflers attending…’ If you wanna go then go and if you like the music and DJs that much then who you are surrounded by doesnt really matter if you’re only a level in your head

  • From sitting in various sociology classes in university, we’ve been told as a class that because our fashion sense in the past 5 years has mimicked the handmade and boutique ( in Australia that is), and generally speaking is trying to follow the alternate fashion culture, it has also made ties with hipster fashion. Because of this, the whole hipster movement is seen as a complete joke, because everything they do, including their fashion sense, is intended to provoke anti – conformity, and whilst Australian fashion trends continue to follow this taste, hipsters are also seen as conforming to this trend, and therefore goes against all of their values as hipsters. They’re trying to be so ‘underground’, yet in Australia they’re identity (fashion) is pretty much mainstream, so to all hipsters: quit trying to denounce something as pure as music with your materialistic values.

  • This makes absolutely no sense:

    ““The MUSIC isn’t even the most important part of the music. It’s more important to be constantly looking for the COOLEST and MOST INTERESTING NEW MUSIC…..”

    “….damn man, aint nothin’ cool or sacred no more……there was a time when it use to be about the music…..THE MUSIC MAN!…..why did this dj or that dj or that group have to come and take something that was ours…OURS!!!……poo!……(boo hoo hoo…sniffle)……”



  • “So that I can broadcast my interest in that music and then abandon it
    when it gets too popular. It makes me feel better than everyone else,
    and I love that.”

    Makes it sound like street cred stocks and shares, when it obviously isn’t about that. Well what ever floats your boat i guess….

  • in every genre or styile of music there is good music and bad music, other “names” are just for commercial or communication use… during the time same styles or genres will have different names, and same names will point to different styles or genres… this is how really it is, the word hipsters after 2000 is used ina totally different way i always used and still use it.. don’t confuse people please, if you know the meaning of a word use it, if you don’t, use another you know the meaning of 😉 errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum

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