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Hospital Radio DJ Plays “Sickest Set Ever”

A hospital radio DJ has been credited with playing the “sickest set ever”, according to patients.

Billy Spencer, a.k.a. The Spenmaster, impressed patients with an impressive set consisting of music from all of the “dopest artists” currently producing music.

Paul Walsh, suffering from chronic bronchitis, spoke to Wunderground, “Most of my experience with hospital radio, and I’ve got quite a bit, is that it’s generally pretty shit,” he told us in between bouts of coughing. “Usually, it’s done by disc jockeys who either don’t take their profession seriously or just aren’t good enough to play on real radio or in clubs.”

“But, this Spenmaster fella was different,” he continued. “I’ve never heard him in here before but hopefully he’ll be a regular. He didn’t waste time talking shit or playing a load of poxy crap like the usual chumps. Just sick tune after sick tune, he’s easily good enough to play a warm up set for a little known up and coming international DJ. I’d happily pay to watch the end of his set while waiting to see someone else.”

Wunderground also spoke to Spencer, “I’m glad they liked my set, I was actually dreading coming in here to play for all of these invalids but it definitely wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’m actually a real DJ,” he claimed but we didn’t believe him and quizzed him about what he actually does for a living. “No, seriously, I’m a DJ, I usually get paid for gigs.”

“It’s not the most stable work in the world so I sell a bit of sniff on the side. That’s actually why I’m here, I got caught and I’m doing this for community service,” he revealed. “I’m looking at it more as a residency than community service, a two hundred and fifty-hour residency.”

According to reports, Mr Spencer claims his biggest musical influences are anything released on Hospital Records and British techno act Surgeon.

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