Hot Since 82 Calls New Album “Been Making It Since 2012”

Hot Since 82 has officially revealed that his eagerly awaited album project will be titled “Been Making It Since 2012”.

The DJ and producer, real name Daley Padley, claims that his upcoming album is his “best work since 2014” but admitted that he still doesn’t have a definite date for its release.

“I’m really excited about Been Making It Since 2012,” Padley told Wunderground earlier. “I’ve actually been working on it for about six years now and it’s really starting to take shape. I’ve been delaying the release date since 2016 but, thankfully, it’s nearly finished and should be ready for release sometime next year.”

Padley, a proud Yorkshireman, claims that the album is a “true musical representation of himself and the things he loves”, with half of the eight tracks believed to be inspired by his mum’s “Sunday Roast”.

“I don’t want to say too much but the album is going to have a very homely feel,” continued the producer. “I’ve given everyone a teaser of the sound with the single Bloodline, the track was actually inspired by roast beef, my mate Alex owns a farm up the road and he breeds Aberdeen Angus, apparently it’s one of the best bloodlines in the UK, I don’t know if that’s true but the beef is bloody gorgeous.”

“There’s a couple of tracks on there about Yorkshire puddings too and, of course, one about gravy, but you’re going to have to wait for the album to hear them,” he revealed. “I’ve also got tracks about slippers, my dog Yeboha, smoking a pipe and Emmerdale. The whole thing is a little bit of me, wrapped in a big old Yorkshire blanket.”

Experts are predicting that Hot Since 82’s album could drastically improve north-south relations in England, as it is likely to give southerners the most insightful look at Northern culture since This Is England was released in 2006.

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Hot Since 82 Calls New Album “Been Making It Since 2012”

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