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I Love Techno To Be Re-Branded As “I Love EDM” For North American Market

I Love Techno To Be Re-Branded As “I Love EDM” For North American Market

World famous European dance music festival, I Love Techno, is set to undergo a name change for the first ever installment of the North American edition of the festival, which is set to take place in New York next April under the name “I Love EDM.”

Live Nation, the company behind the Belgian festival, have claimed that the term “EDM” is more relevant and current to the North American market, “None of the new American dance music fans are really familiar with the term techno. They’re much happier using the neutered and vague acronym EDM and so are we.”

The company also reasoned that by replacing the genre “techno” with “EDM” they are avoiding any negative connotations that may surround the term “techno.”

“When people think of techno they think of an underground dance music scene that was built around the free expression of artistic and technical innovation by a marginalised, young, black urban population. Frankly this is just unpalatable to what we’re trying to achieve now that dance music is a capable of turning a profit in the North American market so in an effort to capitalise on the potential marketability of the festival we’ve decided to use the bland, commodified acronym EDM.”

“We want this festival to appeal to teenagers from all walks of the middle class, regardless of how much or how little disposable income they have, so long as they have disposable income.”

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  • How those guys managed to turn one of the coolest events in belgium into a kiddiefest of bad taste is beyond me. I think Unesco should step in for this sort of thing 😉
    Ohwell, thank God Techno is growing stronger again in Belgium, bring on KozzMozz, Chronicles, Doomsday, and so on 🙂

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