Ibiza PR Worker In San Antonio Texas Can’t Find Any Ket

An Ibiza PR worker in San Antonio, Texas, has reportedly been having difficulty finding ket.

James Murray, a twenty three year old from Glasgow, claimed that doing PR work in San Antonio is a “lot more difficult” than he had expected and that drugs are “nearly impossible” to find.

“My whole life I’ve wanted to be an Ibiza worker and I finally had the courage, and the money, to do it this year,” explained Mr Murray earlier. “So I booked a flight to San Antonio in May and got myself over here. To be honest with you, it’s not really what I was expecting.”

“There are tons of American’s over here, I was expecting it to mostly be English and although Americans are slightly less annoying than the English it would still be nice to have a few people from closer to home to talk to,” continued Murray. “I haven’t managed to find the beach yet either, which is a bit weird because I thought it was a pretty small town but I’ll find it eventually.”

“I haven’t managed to get a job yet but I’m making do. I’ve been hanging out in front of bars and trying to get people to go in, I reckon if I get people inside one of the bar owners will see my worth and take me on,” claimed the confused young man. “It’s a good job I had money saved or I would have had to go home weeks ago.”

“The strangest thing about my time here in Ibiza is that I haven’t been able to find any drugs at all. Everyone back home said it was really easy to get them, especially ket, but I’ve not seen one person selling anything over here at all. It’s really fucking weird.”

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Ibiza PR Worker In San Antonio Texas Can’t Find Any Ket

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