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Ikea Pills Actually A Small Bag Of Ingredients

Ikea Pills are ingredients

Local drug sources have confirmed that the super strong batch of Ikea pills currently on the market are actually a small blue and yellow bag of ingredients.

Concerns were raised by police last month after one tragic death was linked to the “super potent” batch of pills.

However, it now seems that the pills strength may not be the only cause of concern with the pills after it was reported that people may not be assembling them correctly.

“Naturally the Ikea pills need to be put together when you buy them,” claimed Wunderground’s source. “Some, extra thoughtful, drug dealers are assembling them before they sell them but in most of the cases we’ve seen, the pills have actually been sold as a small bag of ingredients.”

Each bag is believed to contain a “mammoth dose of MDMA”, all of the other chemicals needed to make the pill, some nuts and bolts and a difficult to follow set of instructions.

“We’re really worried that people aren’t taking the time to put these pills together properly,” continued our source. “You’ll really need to stick to the instructions so we’d recommend you try to put them together before drinking or taking any other drugs because you’ll have fuck all chance of doing it if you don’t.”

If you do happen to come across any of these Ikea pills this coming weekend, Wunderground recommends that you use them with caution and make sure you don’t have any left-over nuts and bolts after you put them together.

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