Cream Replace Logo With Fidget Spinner

The British clubbing institution Cream has reportedly replaced its logo with a giant fidget spinner.

The decision was made earlier this week after bosses decided that their logo was in desperate need of an upgrade.

Wunderground spoke to Paul Collins, Cream’s creative director, earlier today, “As one of the leading and most recognisable brands in the electronic music industry, it’s really important for us to continue to push our brand forward and evolve with the times to stay relevant and at the forefront of our fans’ minds.”

“Cream has also invested a lot of money in branding, stage production, artwork and pretty much anything you might have seen our logo on at any point over the last two and a half decades,” continued Collins. “So, rather than scrap years of hard work, we set about coming up with a brand new logo that would fit perfectly with everything we’ve done in the past.”

“After countless hours of brainstorming, think tanking, researching, doodling and drinking, we finally settled on a fidget spinner,” revealed a rather smug looking Collins. “I definitely think it’s the most aesthetically pleasing club logo around a the moment. It’s welcoming, soothing and it just screams ‘this is the right club for me’ to everyone who sees it.”

“I really don’t think there’s anything in the world that is currently more relevant than fidget spinners,” claimed the Cream employee. “And, the best thing about it is, it fits right over our current logo, we’re even fitting led lights and lasers on all the spinners we use in clubs to add extra atmosphere to our parties.”

In related new, David Guetta’s club night Big has reportedly changed its logo to a “giant poo emoji”.

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