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Konstantin Proves Not All Publicity Is Good Publicity

Giegling co-founder Konstantin has categorically proven that not all publicity is good publicity following an ill-founded statement about female DJs.

The German DJ claimed that “women are usually worse at DJing than men” during a recent interview he gave Groove Magazine and has been the recipient of much criticism since his quotes were shared on social media earlier this week.

“Up until now, I would have said that all publicity is good publicity but I’m definitely not so sure anymore,” claimed PR guru Michael Smith. “Konstantin has really flipped that idea on its head and is causing the entire PR industry to reappraise their beliefs. There’s a pretty good chance that he’ll change the world with his beliefs, just not in the kind of way he would have wanted to.”

“It’s not really clear what Konstantin was trying to achieve with his statement,” continued Smith. “Obviously, what he said are not his real beliefs, I find it hard to believe that anyone who has made it to where he is in the industry would be capable of having such a stupid and arrogant opinion as that so I would have to believe that it was an attempt to get some publicity and seem slightly edgy, if not totally moronic.”

“Whatever it was it’s totally backfired on him,” insisted the PR specialist. “I’ve done a lot of work with big brands and, generally speaking, there is something to be salvaged from bad publicity but this just doesn’t seem like it’s going to produce a silver lining. It’s probably down to the cunt factor. People can usually forgive mistakes or irrational actions at times of severe stress but what they’ll never forgive is cuntyness, cunt opinions and trying to push cunt opinions on other people. Konstantin’s screwed, the stupid cunt.”

According to experts, things Konstantin would have been better off doing for publicity include; eating puppies at a Chinese dog eating festival, smearing himself in his own faeces while playing a twelve hour set in an intimate venue or booking Ten Walls to play a Pride party.

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