Lego Design New Hair For Sven Väth

German techno stalwart, and part time Moby impersonator, Sven Väth has reportedly been given the gift of hair by Danish toy manufacturers Lego.

Lego, who have recently launched a brand new Berghain range, designed the custom hair for Väth as a thank you present for the DJ after acted as a consultant during the development of the techno themed range.

Wunderground spoke to Martin Olsson, a Lego spokesperson, earlier today, “Here at Lego, we’re predicting our Berghain range to be one of our best sellers of 2018.”

“To show Sven our appreciation, we decided to give him the one thing we knew he definitely didn’t have, a thick mane of luscious hair.”

“We went with the traditional Lego hair design, it’s a timeless look and one that we’re sure Sven will enjoy for many years to come.”

Wunderground tried to contact Väth to ask him about his newfound hair but he refused our request, as he was too busy admiring himself in the mirror, so we spoke to his neighbour, Marvin, instead.

“I love Lego,” he told us. “You can fit those little pieces pretty much anywhere in your body. One morning, after drinking a lot of beer the night before, I found seventeen blocks in my schitzenpooper.”

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Lego Design New Hair For Sven Väth

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