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London Moped Gang Set Up Bar In DC10

London Moped Gang Set Up Bar In DC10

Reports from Ibiza suggest that a London moped gang have now taken control of the bar in DC10.

Sources close to the gang, strangely named The Pikachus, have confirmed that the gang has decided to legitimise their daylight robbery by moving into the Ibiza drinks trade.

One gang member, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke to Wunderground earlier, “Robbing people on mopeds is all well and good but there’s only so many phones and handbags you can snatch before either the law catches up with you or you start to feel guilty about doing it.”

“Neither of those things was ever going to happen to The Pikachus,” continued the thief turned barman. We named ourselves after a Pokemon because our motto was ‘gotta snatch ‘em all’ but we always said that once we’d snatched enough, we’d give it all up and become legitimate businessmen, and here we are.”

“We wanted to be able to legally rob people,” he explained through his bike helmet visor. “Obviously, no one from where we’re from can become bankers or politicians, who are the best legal thieves in the world, so we had a look around and decided that selling drinks in clubs in Ibiza was the next best thing, we chose DC10 because it opens early, it’s literally daylight robbery and it’s all totally legal.”

Barry Holmes, who attended last week’s Paradise opening party in DC10, claimed that it was “a little bit weird” buying drinks from bar staff wearing motorcycle helmets but overall his experience at the bar was a good one.

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“Despite drinks being a total fucking rip off, the new bar team was actually really good,” he told us. “There were practically no queues and, even though you couldn’t see their faces, you could tell you were getting service with a smile.”

According to island sources, The Pikachus are small scale when it comes to chancers in Ibiza, with French DJ and producer David Guetta, who has been stealing a living for the last twenty years, currently top of the list.

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