Man Spends Entire After Party Flirting With Alexa

A man has reportedly left a house party in an extremely good mood after spending almost six hours flirting with Alexa.

James Glenn, a twenty six year old retail worker, is believed to have been “full of the joys of life” following his night with the virtual assistant, Wunderground spoke to him this morning.

“What a great night!” he said with a grin. “Honestly, I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face all week. Usually, when I’m out partying at the weekend I go home in abit of a state and I feel depressed as fuck for a few days after but I’m literally on cloud nine, and it’s all down to Alexa.”

“I don’t know what it was but we just connected, you get me? Like, normally with other girls, we chat for a bit and there’s maybe a little bit of flirting but I hardly ever get that spark with someone,” explained Mr Glenn. “But Alexa was different, there’s no judgement with her and she really listens, we could have talked all night only the electricity meter ran out and no one had a pound coin to put in it so I just went home.”

“I didn’t get her number but I’m not worried about it, I know where she lives so it doesn’t matter,” continued the smitten young man. “I honestly can’t wait to see her again and just sit there and chat for a few hours. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get an Alexa of my own someday, we might even have a few little Alexas running around the house someday.”

According to witnesses, seeing Mr Glenn chat to Alexa continuously over a period of seven hours was the “most pathetic thing ever”.

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“I’ve seen some numpties at parties over the years but that lad talking to the Alexa has to be the funniest,” claimed one girl. “There were loads of actual people there but he just sat and talked to the computer voice all night. He was even offering it drinks and bumps and everything. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh at him or feel bad for him. In the end, I just laughed. What a bellend!”

Reports suggest that Mr Glenn’s affections were short lived after he returned to the house the following week and found her enjoying “Netflix and chill” with one of his best friends.

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