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Man Uses Instagram To Thank Nike For New Trainers He Spent £140 On

Man Uses Instagram To Thank Nike For New Trainers He Spent £140 On

A man has taken to Instagram to thank Nike for his new running trainers, despite paying one hundred and forty pounds for them in JD Sports four hours earlier.

Twenty three year old Hamish Richardson, from London, England, is believed to be keen to “impress” his Instagram followers by giving off the impression that major sports brands and retail stores send him “shit for free” due to his popularity and social status.

“In theory, they did send them to me,” confirmed Hamish. “Nike manufactured the trainers and sent them to the JD store. I picked them up from the store in exchange for cash so I’m not really lying when I thank them for sending them to me. I do it with food as well. I often thank Muscle Foods for the big box of chicken breasts they send me. Last week I thanked The Ivy for providing a fantastic meal. I pay for the lot but it makes me look the absolute bollox if I thank them. All the TOWIE celebrities do it so why can’t I?

Wunderground caught up with Hamish’s friend Sophia, with regards to his online behaviour, “It’s so fucking cringey,” she said. “He’s forever doing that Facebook check in at high end hotels and posh restaurants, making out he is some sort of man about town. Sometimes he literally checks into a place just because he walks past it. Everything he does is for show.”

“That whole thanking major brands for items is just embarrassing,” continued Sophia. “He thanked Oral B for his toothbrush last week, and Tampax for his mums tampons the week before. What goes through his head baffles me. His life is a constant day to day battle to prove how important he is to a bunch of old school friends, ex- colleagues and random people on the internet. He is so keen to come across successful that it just looks plain desperate.”

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