Martin Solveig’s Moustache Actually A Rare Caterpillar

In a rather strange development, French DJ and producer Martin Solveig has revealed that his moustache is actually a very rare caterpillar.

Speaking openly for the first time about his upper lip resident, Solveig told Wunderground that he has been forced to live with the caterpillar on his face because it is a protected species.

“I really love all kinds of animals and wildlife,” Solveig explained earlier. “I’d never do anything to hurt a living creature but, believe me, there’s nothing like have a caterpillar living on your lip to really test you. I’ve been pretty close to killing it on more than one occasion and, to be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t a protected species it probably would have gone under my boot a long time ago.”

According to Christopher Moth, one of the world’s leading caterpillar experts, Solveig’s facial companion is an Angelicus axwellio ingrosseas, also known as Swedish House Caterpillar.

“This is an extremely rare type of caterpillar,” he told us. “There’s only been about nine reported cases of a Swedish House Caterpillar in the last fifty years. Normally, they attach themselves to a Swedish DJ’s face but because Martin has changed his surname from Picandet to Solveig this one obviously got confused.”

“It is likely to live on Solveig’s lip for about nine years before building itself a cocoon, where it will spend another two years,” explained Moth. “Eventually, it will hatch into a fully grown Swedish EDM DJ and enjoy a very successful career.”

Reports suggest that Spinnin’ Records have already signed the caterpillar and see it as one of the brightest prospects in the EDM industry.

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Martin Solveig’s Moustache Actually A Rare Caterpillar

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