Masterchef Final To Feature First Ever Meth Test

This week’s Masterchef Final is set to feature the show’s first-ever “Meth Test” where contestants will be asked to cook crystal meth.

According to the show’s producers, the current format has stagnated in recently and the “Meth Test” is a calculated move to freshen things up.

“Everyone loves Masterchef,” claimed director of photography Andy Warthog. “It’s been like that for years and will continue to be like that for years to come because we are constantly thinking of new ways to challenge our contestants and keep our viewers interested. The Meth Test is just the latest in a long line of subtle changes we’ve made to constantly keep the show fresh.”

“We’re hoping that the Meth Test will really put all of our contestants out of their comfort zone and show us which of them is best capable of handling the pressure that comes with working in a modern kitchen,” continued Warthog. “They’ll also be working with volatile chemicals, that could explode in their faces at any minute, which adds a unique element of danger to the task and should help to make some really compelling television.”

Masterchef host Gregg Wallace was quick to express his excitement for the Meth Test, “This is just brilliant, it’s things like this that make Masterchef such an amazing TV show and I absolutely love Meth, it’s yummy,” he told us. “We’ll be judging the meth based on its crystal formation, its taste, its smokability and its buzz.”

According to sources, a number of celebrity judges have been invited to Masterchef headquarter for the Meth Test, they include Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, The Libertines’ frontman Pete Doherty and former pool party organiser Michael Barrymore.

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Masterchef Final To Feature First Ever Meth Test

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