Mexicans Nickname American Border “Berghain”

In international news, a group of Mexicans who were recently refused entry to the United States have nicknamed the border between the countries “Berghain”.

Juan Gonzales, who claims he just wanted to get into America to see what all the fuss was about, was a member of the group of people who were refused entry.

“Seriously, all we wanted to do was go in and have a look,” Gonzalez told Wunderground. “It wasn’t like we were going to try and stay there or anything. Why the fuck would anyone want to live in a country that has Donald Trump as the President? We were going to go in, have some burgers, do a bit of littering and then leave.”

“There aren’t many countries in the world where I would feel less safe than I do in Mexico, but America is definitely one of them,” continued Gonzales. “Why they think all of us Mexicans want to go and live there is totally beyond me. If anything, we’re the ones who should be building a wall.”

“I spent thirteen hours queueing up at the border last week only to be told I wasn’t allowed into a place I didn’t really want to get into in the first place,” he revealed. “I wasn’t even angry that I didn’t get in, just disappointed with myself for wasting my own time.”

“The last time that happened to me was when I was backpacking in Europe and I tried to get into Berghain nightclub in Berlin while wearing a white t-shirt. So, ever since, we’ve been calling the border Berghain.”

According to reports, the number of English tourists queueing at the Mexican – American border has trebled since Gonzales and his friends gave it its new nickname.

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Mexicans Nickname American Border “Berghain”

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