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Native Instruments Announce Plans To Buy Technics In Bid To Stop Manual Beat Matching Forever

Native Instruments Announce Plans To Buy Technics In Bid To Stop Manual Beat Matching Forever

Native Instrument have announced plans to buy what remains of the Technics company, including the naming rights of the 1200 and 1210 turntables, from Panasonic.

Although the production of Technics’ turntables ceased in 2010, the company is still operational on a small scale with digital pianos being one of the only products still made by the Japanese manufacturers.

Michael Dressler, a spokesman for Native Instruments, explains the reasoning behind the move, “People ask why buy Technics now, they’re no longer a rival brand and they are a very small operation? Well, it’s certainly not about rivalry or expansion, it’s about the name and what it means within the industry.”

Native Instrument have been at the forefront of a massive shift from analog to digital sound in the DJing industry. Their Traktor software and controllers are quickly becoming the equipment of choice for DJs and their affordable prices make them accessible for everyone, from beginners to the most seasoned of pros. This is something that has proved unpopular within certain circles of the DJing community and news that they are about to buy Technics could be the cause of much debate and outrage over the coming weeks.

Mr. Dressler continued, “We are at the beginning of a digital revolution and we at Native Instruments want to be the people leading the charge. We’re taking DJing into the twenty first century and beyond. We want to make a DJing experience so perfect, that beats will never be out of sync and pitch will be set automatically with the touch of a button but we cant do this with constant reminders of the past.”

“Right now if  you were to say Technics or 1200’s or 1210’s to anyone, straight away they think of turntables. That’s what we’re trying to change, we want to remove the memory of the turntable. To do that we need to replace it with something new, something better, that’s where the Traktor Kontrol Technics 1200S and the 1210X come into play,” added Mr’ Dressler.

“We want to make a controller like no one has ever seen before, the 1200S will be made for Serato and the 1210X for Traktor, but essentially they will be the same. They’ll have a four channel mixer that will rival the very best available on the market, a new fully functioning effects machine, midi controller, sampler and a few more surprises that we can’t give away yet. It’s going to be the most advanced piece of hardware ever seen in the DJing industry, a real game changer and before long people will be associating Technics, 1200’s and 1210’s with groundbreaking digital equipment. Manual beat matching and analog sound will be in the past, where they belong,” explained an insightful Mr. Dressler.

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If the plans to buy Technics are realised, Native Instruments are set to offer an exchange scheme for people who own a set of working Technics 1200s or 1210s. They will swap them, at no extra cost, for one of their brand new controllers, complete with cables, flight case and entry to a workshop where experts will demonstrate exactly how to get the most from the controller. “We see the exchange scheme as the perfect way to introduce the ‘old school’ guys to our products, we have every confidence that once they give them a chance they’ll love them and move out of the stone age willingly,” concluded Mr. Dressler.



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