Netflix Announce New Horror Series About “The Fear”

The world’s most popular TV streaming platform, Netflix, has announced a brand new “horror series” based entirely around the fear people feel the morning after a night out.

The show, said to be titled I Can’t Even, has been highlighted as one of Netflix’s must-watch series of 2018 and is expected to evoke “genuine terror” in anyone who watches it.

Martin Spoon, one of the show’s executive producers, claims the show is so realistic, that a number of cast members were “lost to the fear” during the filming process.

“At one point, we actually thought we were going to have to shut production down altogether,” Spoon revealed during a chat with Wunderground earlier. “It was around Christmas time, we’d just had our Christmas party and we were filming a scene about small talk at the water cooler in work, it was all too much for some of the cast and crew, it was so real that they just couldn’t hack it and, in the end, they ran off the set.”

“At that point, it became clear that we were making not only something very, very special but also something quite powerful and also a little bit dangerous,” continued the show’s producer. “We’re all extremely proud of how it’s turned out and very excited for its release later this summer.”

TV critic Michaela Williamson claims that she “couldn’t even” when watching an exclusive premiere of the show.

We spoke to her earlier, “I’ve watched some pretty gory horrors in my time as a TV critic, slasher, psychological, even proper fucking graphic violent shit, you name it, I’ve watched, and nothing has ever fazed me before,” she told us. “But see this I Can’t Even, it really got me. Honestly, even thinking of it now I just, can’t, even.”

“If you’ve ever suffered from the fear, social anxiety or any other crippling drink or drug-related insecurities, this hyper-realistic show is going to freak the living shit right out of you.”

According to reports, season one of I Can’t Even, which is set predominantly in the workplace, has been so well received by critics that a second season, rumoured to be set around meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, has already been approved.

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Netflix Announce New Horror Series About “The Fear”

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