London’s Night Czar More Of A Nightmare

A number of prominent music industry professionals save slammed London’s first ever Night Czar, Amy Lamé, after she failed to protect the city from yet more draconian licensing law enforcement.

The latest shit to hit the fan comes in the form of new “core curfews” in the borough of Hackney, one of London’s busiest nightlife spots, that will force any new clubs, bars and venues to shut their doors by 11 pm.

Lamé, appointed in 2016 by Mayor Sadiq Khan with the task of making London a 24-hour city and protecting its nightlife, claims she didn’t realise she would have to do any work when accepting the £75,000 a year job and now plans to meet with representatives of Hackney council to discuss the curfews.

Hackney-based clubber Anton Brickley believes Lamé should never have been appointed Night Czar as she seems to be completely underqualified for the role.

“Why have they brought in some American bird putting on an English accent as the Night Czar?” he legitimately questioned. “Surely it should have been someone with actual political experience, not just fond of having their picture taken with politicians, or someone who’s worked high up in the clubbing or bar industry.”

“I didn’t even know who Amy Lamé was when she was appointed, I just knew her as that slightly annoying American lady of the telly, but I had no idea what it was she actually did, apart from talk over people on panel shows,” continued Brickley. “I reckon I’d be more qualified for that role, at least I’m an active member of the nighttime community, I rarely get out of bed before three or four in the afternoon, especially at the weekend.”

“She has one job, make London a 24-hour city, and as far as I can see she’s failing miserably at it,” he said accusatively. “If anything, it feels like we’re going backward not forwards. She’s more of a nightmare than a Night Czar. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to bed.”

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London’s Night Czar More Of A Nightmare

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