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Netflix’s White Lines Voted Worst Thing About 2020

Netflix’s White Lines Voted Worst Thing About 2020

A worldwide poll has concluded Netflix’s White Lines as the disaster 2020 will be remembered for.

In a shock result, to people who haven’t seen it, the Ibiza-set crime drama has been confirmed a more devastating atrocity than a global pandemic, a worldwide recession, mass unemployment and the cancelling of hip-hop DJ, Tim Westwood.

“Whilst there’s still another six months of 2020” the poll organisers told Wunderground “we are confident nothing will top this ten-hour series in causing mass misery and trauma”

White Lines was described by Netflix as an enjoyable, off-beat thriller – when it was actually as enjoyable as an off-beat DJ mix. 

“I tuned in expecting to watch Sherlock meets Pacha” said one painfully optimistic viewer, “What I got was Corrie meets BCM.” 

“Seriously, I think they shot it in Magaluf. It’s a shame the same can’t be said for the writer. I mean, did it have a writer? Or was it simply sneezed-out by a Netflix exec during a particularly chizzy Rochdale hen party?”

Breaking its silence for the first time, a Covid-19 microbe told Wunderground “We are very sorry to have been overlooked in this poll. But having watched the first 3 episodes – and that was enough – we recognise this evil to be far more wretched and life-draining. Should I wash my hands after watching it?”

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