No One In Music Industry As Important As They Think They Are

The latest research from the music industry has found that not one single person involved with it in any shape or form, is as important as they think they are.

Researchers have claimed that while the industry is full of people who think they are “extremely important” or “vital cogs” their opinion is almost never shared by anyone other than themselves.

“The music industry is always trying to find the next big thing or this year’s biggest hit but, in reality, the biggest things in the music industry are the egos of the people involved in it,” explained John Smith, a bloke we met on the street. “All of these industry folk who talk the talk and go around like acting like the cock of the walk are a lot more dispensable than they think.”

“There’s always another equally as talented singer, musician or performer waiting in the wings, it’s practically a conveyor belt, as one loses value, another one moves in ready to be exploited,” continued Smith, who just told us he was on his way to catch a bus to friend Steve’s house for nachos.

“And don’t even get me started on the suits that run things,” he said before starting on the suits that run things. “These assholes have the biggest egos of all, and the least talent to go with them. Mostly, a computer controlled by a chicken with it’s head stuck in a yogurt pot could do their job, but they think if they weren’t there everything would fall to shit.”

“The only thing that would work out differently if they weren’t there is there would be less coke sniffed in the back rooms of music venues and less sexual harassment in the industry.”

“When you think about it, the only people who are actually important in the industry are the fans, they drive the demand, make the tastes and pay the bills, everyone else is pretty much just a dickhead.”

If you are in a part of the music industry and have been affected by anything in this article, no one cares.

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No One In Music Industry As Important As They Think They Are

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