Police Claim Huge Drugs Haul Of “2 Pills, I Gram Of Coke And Enough For A Spliff” Has Street Value Of £10k

Police in Manchester, England, claim to have made a significant step in the war on drugs after discovering a vast drug hall in the pockets of a twenty one year old man last weekend.

It is believed that up to fifteen members of the National Crime Squad were involved in the early morning raid on the young man’s pockets which yielded “two pills, a gram of coke and enough for a spliff”.

Secretary of State for Justice Liz Truss spoke to Wunderground, “This latest strike against crime is a clear indication of the work being carried out by the members of the Police force. Theses drugs were intercepted on their way to a house party and could have led to a number of lives being destroyed and the deaths of innocent people. We will not stop until every young person who enjoys illegal substances is behind bars.”

Scotland Yard has confirmed that the seizure has a street value of up to ten thousand pounds and could have supplied an entire person with drugs for almost a full night.

“This is a great victory for the police and a major step towards ridding our streets of drugs and organised crime,” claimed our anonymous source. “We’ve put a serious dent in the resources of an organised crime gang with this bust and we’re hoping that we’ll see a domino effect that could cause them to implode.”

For security reasons, the suspect is currently being questioned at a secure location where he can be held for up to fifteen weeks without charge.

So far, criminal elements have yet to comment on the drugs seizure with underworld sources revealing they are too busy laughing at the police’s tactics against drug use to do so.

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Police Claim Huge Drugs Haul Of “2 Pills, I Gram Of Coke And Enough For A Spliff” Has Street Value Of £10k

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