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Posting Videos To Make Friends Jealous On Social Media Now Number 1 Reason For Traveling

According to the latest social media statistics, posting videos to make your friends jealous is now the number one reason for people to go traveling.

Wunderground sources revealed that the more common reasons for traveling , such as relaxing, soul searching and partying, are, in fact, all “complete bollox” and, in the majority of cases, most people only go traveling to remind their friends back home how boring and mundane their lives are.

Wunderground spoke to travel enthusiast, and self proclaimed legend, Simon Travis, “I was never really into traveling before social media took off a few years ago. To be honest, the thought of going to countries where poor people lived kind of sickened me but once I realised I could update social media every day and show my friends how awesome my life is I knew I needed to get away.”

“So I packed a bag and booked the next flight from Heathrow,” continued Mr Travis. “Unfortunately the next flight happened to be to Aberdeen so I think my friends actually felt sorry for me rather than jealous but I made up for over the next twelve months with trips to India, Southeast Asia and South America. Once you bring enough Super Noodles to last your entire trip it’s not actually too bad and you know all of your mates at home are totally wishing they were you.”

“I’m not really sure how I can top my last trip,” admitted Mr Travis. “I was thinking I’d go to Africa and build a school, that would really get my friends talking, but I’m not sure if I’m really up for all that effort. I might just buy a green screen, make a few videos that make it look like I’m out in the middle of nowhere working, post them on Facebook and then go chill out in Amsterdam for a week or so.”

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