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Ricardo Villalobos To Star In New “Man Vs Drugs” Reality TV Show

Villalobos will be on reality show taking drugs

Chilean-German DJ Ricardo Villalobos has announced that he is set to star in a brand new reality TV series called Man Vs Drugs.

According to network bosses, the show will follow a similar format to the extremely popular Man Vs Food show.

“Everyone loved Man Vs Food,” claimed executive producer Steven Schneider. “So we’ve really tried to incorporate as much of that show into this show as possible, essentially ripping it off as much as we can without getting sued. We’ve recorded a pilot and it seems to work really well so we’re hoping to start shooting the full series soon.”

“We’ll be filming Mr Villalobos travelling all over the world and taking ridiculous drug challenges,” continued Schneider. “Like Man Vs Food, this show will be extremely bad for the host’s heart but, unlike Man Vs Food, hosting it should result in weight loss rather than weight gain. All in all, it’s just good old-fashioned reality TV and we think people are really going to love it.”

Wunderground also spoke to Villalobos about the show, “It’s a great idea. As soon as the network approached me with their brief I knew I was going to do it. I’ll be travelling all over the world and taking all sorts of different concoctions of drugs that would be enough to kill a normal man. It should be a pretty easy job for me because that’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been doing since I became a DJ.”

According to reports, some of the challenges Villalobos will take will include smoking a pound of weed in Amsterdam, magic mushroom mountain climbing in Thailand, sniffing a kilo of cocaine in Colombia and taking one hundred pills in Ibiza.

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