Richie Hawtin To Sell ENTER Sign To EXIT Festival After Recent Public Confusion

Following on from last year’s confusion at EXIT Festival, where people were unable to enter the festival after becoming confused by the big exit sign above the entrance – the Serbian dance event have recruited the signage from Richie Hawtin’s ENTER parties in Ibiza to solve the issue.

With people suffering from a range of reactions to the sign confusion including mild annoyance to complete and utter existential breakdowns, the electronic festival felt they had no choice but to attempt to avoid a repeat.

“Last year we had a lot of problems with the Exit sign above our entrance causing people to doubt the veracity of both signs and forcing their literal thinking brains to exist in a kind of spatial limbo around the threshold of the festival,” explained spokesperson Jack Green, “or for those that thought too deeply, have their minds broken by the apparent contradiction of signs.”

“So, with that in mind, and to preempt any mental problems this year we’ve approached Richie Hawtin about purchasing the signage that they use at ENTER,” continued Jack. “We’re going to place that over the entrance so hopefully people will just think it’s a normal entrance sign and not becoming bogged down in the contradictory nature of seeing an entrance sign to a festival called EXIT.”

“No, I don’t think that people will once again take it too literally and believe that they’re not at EXIT at all but are at ENTER,” he continued, “and if people somehow make the incorrect leap of judgement and believe that they’ve somehow traveled across the Adriatic Sea to the Balearic island then they obviously deserve to be mental, or are on ket. In which case, again, they probably deserve to be mental.”

Richie is said to be happy to help the festival at which he’s performed by providing them with all his ENTER signage because it allows him to go “extra minimal. Minimal minimal basically”.

“I love EXIT festival and admit that I myself experienced some confusion when trying to find the exit for my own ENTER night in Ibiza,” he explained. “I’d wind up trying to leave the club but not being able to find the exit because it was just signs saying ENTER everywhere.”

The techno legend has said that losing the ENTER signs should avoid any confusion at his own night and will help him achieve a more minimal aesthetic.

“We’ve gotten rid of the signs now and the decor of both the building and the people will be slate black, the most minimal colour,” he added. “We’re hoping that with these changes the building itself will be difficult to locate, hopefully we won’t even have it in a building, it’ll just be somewhere existing in time on the spatial plane – although that’s probably still a bit too maximal.”

Richie claims that as he strips back the architecture of ENTER he’s hoping to perfect a singularity of nothingness which he feels most accurately portrays the minimal aesthetic he’s been striving for.

“The night will just be called nothing and won’t exist, it’ll be a void, a vacuum, the opposite of something. It won’t have an entrance or an exit because it won’t even be a thing.”

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Richie Hawtin To Sell ENTER Sign To EXIT Festival After Recent Public Confusion

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